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30/01/2020 - 10:54

Breakthrough from industrial development

Favorable geographical location, attractive policies, transparent and open mechanisms, gradually improving infrastructure are the factors that make Long An become an attractive destination for investors and enterprises. They are also the foundation for the province to have a breakthrough to become a locality with great index and value of industrial production in the region.

Workers are cleaning solar panels

Energy industry development

During a trip to visit some solar power plants in Long An province, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade - Hoang Quoc Vuong said that the province had many advantages to promote the development of renewable energy industry, especially solar power. This would be a good choice for the energy problems and economic development of the province.

Located more than 10 kilometers from the border, TTC Duc Hue 1 Solar Power Plant (TTC1) invested by Thanh Thanh Cong Group in My Thanh Bac commune is one of the first plants to be put into operation in the province and connected to the 500kV national electricity grid. Chairman of the Board of Directors, Director of TTC Duc Hue - Long An Electric Joint Stock Company - Le Thanh Vinh said that after more than 8 months of construction, on April 8, 2019, TTC1 successfully connected to the national grid; on April 20, 2019, it was officially put into commercial operation. The construction was completed after more than 8 months was a great effort of hundreds of engineers and workers. The overall goal was to complete the construction on schedule, contributing to creating a new profession in economic development, which was the energy industry associated with the clean energy development target of Long An province.

To successfully connect to the national grid and commercial operation, TTC1 is installed 148,500 panels on an area of nearly 50 hectares. Previously, this area of land had not been effectively exploited in cultivation. The design and operation capacity of TTC1 creates an average of 200MWh per day with a value of nearly 500 million VND. At present, TTC1 generates about 6 million KWh per month, equivalent to 72.8 million KWh per year.

Director of Department of Industry and Trade - Le Minh Duc said: "Long An currently has 18 solar power projects with a total capacity of 1,400MW. There are 5 commercial operation projects with a capacity of 240MW; 3 projects are being completed and integrated into the national electricity grid in 2020. Solar power projects generate abundant electricity for the province's socio-economic development. Besides, they also contribute to creating a sustainable revenue for the provincial budget."

The high growth

In 2019, industrial production in the province developed stably, helping to shift the province's economic structure towards industrialization and modernization, contributing mainly to the overall GRDP growth. In particular, the processing and manufacturing industry was key sectors, accounting for 45.51 percent of the provincial GRDP structure, reaching a value of over 241,770 billion VND (according to the 2010 price) and increasing by 14.83 percent compared to 2018. The index of industrial production was estimated to increase by 15.04 percent compared to 2018; 55 out of 75 industrial products increased output such as construction bricks, wall paints, wooden products, leather shoes, finished fabrics, plastic products, pharmaceuticals, iron - steel finished products, thread of all kinds, electricity products, rice, and so on.

According to the Provincial Industrial Zones Authority, in 2019, the area of ​​filled industrial land increased by 65 hectares. Up to now, Long An has had 16 operating industrial parks with a total area of 2,277 hectares, the occupancy rate of more than 85 percent. The industrial zones attracted 1,514 investment projects, including 731 foreign investment projects with a total investment of 4,144 million USD and 783 domestic investment projects with a total investment of 84,385 billion VND. The province has 21 operating industrial clusters with a total area of 1,081.2 hectares, the occupancy rate reaches 89.7 percent, attracting 544 projects with a total investment of over 15,635 billion VND, including 60 projects of foreign direct investment with a total investment of over 209 million USD. Especially, in 2019, the Provincial People's Committee issued a Decision to establish 6 new industrial clusters with an area of 218.7 hectares, with registered capital of 3,689 billion VND; up to now, the province has had 51 industrial clusters that have a policy of infrastructure investment with a total area of 2,571 hectares.

Long An is focusing on supporting investors in site clearance to soon complete infrastructure of at least 6 industrial parks and clusters by early 2020 and call for investment in the following years. With the remaining industrial zones and clusters that have had investment policies, the province also focuses resources to support investors in carrying out procedures and completing infrastructure. Hopefully, the orientation and planning in industrial development in the right direction will be one of the levers for Long An to promote its advantages in the socio-economic development process and contribute to the good settlement of social security. At the same time, they also contribute significantly to the rapid restructuring of the economy, diversification of manufacturing industries and increasing value.

According to Mr. Le Minh Duc, The breakthrough in industrial production of the province to achieve a high growth rate is due to the gradual efforts of integration, branding, creating regional and global product value chains of most businesses; the contribution of solar power projects and traditional industrial products. In addition, the businesses have exploited both domestic and foreign markets, grown beyond expectations.

Specifically, in 2019, the consumption of Thang Long Biological Technology Co., Ltd. in Duc Hoa district (its main business is to produce food for shrimp and fish) reached about 400,000 tons with a turnover of 400 million USD. In addition, Samduk Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Hoa Binh Industrial park, Thu Thua district) had a total investment of up to 25 million USD. In the first years of establishment, the production capacity of this company was only 1.8 million pairs of shoes per year. In 2019, production was over 3 million pairs of shoes. In 2020, the company strives to increase production to 6.5 million pairs and expand its market both domestically and abroad.

The province's industrial production has maintained the growth (Photo: A corner of Long Hau Industrial park, Can Giuoc district)

Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Tran Van Can said: "The province's industrial production continues to maintain growth with a breakthrough thanks to the positive effects of the Government's timely and effective macroeconomic management policies and solutions and the drastic guidance of the Provincial People's Committee; the functional agencies, local authorities also focus on removing difficulties and supporting the businesses in developing production and consumption of their products. Besides, the province has also issued many mechanisms and policies; implemented positive measures to support the businesses; strengthened administrative procedure reforms, in order to remove difficulties and reduce costs; supported the businesses in training and recruiting workers; supported them in accessing preferential loans."

He added that in order to maintain industrial development and create a stronger breakthrough, in 2020, Long An focuses on inspecting, urging, timely supporting and solving difficulties to promote the progress of infrastructure investment in industrial parks and clusters. The province resolutely withdraws the polices for investors who are delayed in implementing to select the others who are capable of carrying out. Therefore, the province has more industrial parks and clusters in operation, clean land funds to attract investment; creates favorable conditions for major investment projects to come into operation to create motivation for the province's development./.

By Gia Han - Translated by Pham Ngan