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05/11/2019 - 14:24

Convenience store "overwhelms" the traditional market

Currently, according to the record, the majority of consumers and housewives prefer to buy food and consumer products at convenience stores. Therefore, the model of convenience stores and mini supermarkets gradually overwhelms traditional markets.

Consumers increasingly prefer shopping at convenience stores

Consumers increasingly prefer shopping at convenience stores

Currently, convenience stores and mini supermarkets are developing fast with the brands as Bach Hoa Xanh, VinMart +, etc. This development gradually tends to "overwhelm" the traditional market. Psychology of consumers is also more preferred to come here.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet Loan, living in Ward 1, Tan An city of Long An province, shared: “The retail market in the city area is increasingly exciting with the appearance of many retail brands, many convenience store chains and different supermarkets. I prefer to shop here than the traditional market because of its convenience, plentiful goods, cool air-conditioned rooms, dedicated staff and free parking”.

The emergence of more chains of convenience stores and mini supermarkets shows that retailers have realized the potential of the consumer market and the annoying habits of urban people.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Mai, living in Ward 4 of Tan An City, shared: “Not only me but many housewives now tend to shop at VinMart +, Bach Hoa Xanh because of their comfort and convenience. This system of mini supermarkets and convenience stores is popular with many people”.

According to some small-scale merchants trading in traditional markets, they shared the common comments that the revenue has dropped greatly since the convenience stores appeared. To stimulate shopping, they have to cut many items because consumers do not buy at the market anymore. Instead, customers tend to gradually change their shopping habits at convenience stores, mini supermarkets because of the abundance of goods, beautiful displays, clear prices, clean rooms and attentive service.

Grasping consumers' shopping needs are gradually changing towards paying attention to quality, origin, ensuring food safety and especially convenience, the convenience stores and mini supermarkets have developed rapidly, weaving into every corner and residential area. With this strength, the convenience store model is considered to be a civilized and commercial trend, increasingly dominant compared to retailing in traditional markets./.

By Hoang Le – Translated by Duc Tam