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13/05/2019 - 16:36

Effectiveness from high-tech application on rice at Vinh Thuan Cooperative

From 2016 until now, the production applied high technology on rice at Vinh Thuan Cooperative in Vinh Thuan commune, Vinh Hung district, Long An province has initially brought positive effectiveness.

Farmers visit high-tech application model to level the field by laser beam

Farmers visit high-tech application model to level the field by laser beam 

Vinh Thuan Cooperative implemented a pilot model with a scale of 50 hectares including 6 participating households. These households are supported seeds with high quality, suitable to local consumption requirements, fertilizing according to rice growth and using organic fertilizer and improving soil to reduce chemical fertilizer.

According to an official of Vinh Hung district Farmer Association - Le Quoc Bon, this model helps to increase income for farmers. Although productivity is lower than that of mass-produced rice outside, the committed price is higher due to the quality assurance products and the requirements of enterprises.

The application of high-tech model brings many positive results. Technically, households use varieties of certified rice, sparse sowing (from 100-120 kilogram per hectare); apply  method of Integrated Pests Management (IPM); use green mushroom preparations to control brown planthoppers; fertilize according to rice growth; treat disease according to 4-right principle. 100 percent of farmers respond to the record of the field diary. On the dans of rice fields, flowers are planted to attract natural enemies and create a beautiful look for the fields.

Economically, the application of technical measures "1 must, 5 reduce", the application of synchronous mechanics in producing and linking enterprises to consume output products contributes to reduce average production costs to 1 - 1.5 million VND per hectare; profit increased by 5 - 6.5 million VND per hectare.

Additionally, uniform movement of the seed helps reduce pest pressure. The model is a core to replicate the high-tech application region, creating quality rice for export requirements.

Besides, the model also encountered some difficulties in implementation. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen propaganda; organizing practical tours and technical training for farmers; have mechanisms and policies to encourage and support farmers and enterprises to invest in agriculture and forestry. Simultaneously, building a large-scale field system to step by step establish the agricultural production regions and follow VietGAP process, contributing to improving the productivity and quality of agricultural products./.

By staff – Translated by Duc Tam