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16/11/2019 - 17:19

Expanding provincial Road 830 to meet goods-transporting demand from Long An Port to industrial parks and clusters

The upgrading and expansion of Provincial Road 830 help to transport goods from Long An Port to the industrial parks and clusters of the province.

Construction and expansion of PR 830 (section of My Le commune, Can Duoc district)

Construction and expansion of PR 830 (section of My Le commune, Can Duoc district)

PR 830 from National Highway (NH) 1 to NH50 (under expansion construction of phase 2) with a length of 20.3 kilometers (km) and 4 bridges, upgrading the road from grade IV to grade III, including 4 lanes with 18.5 meters in width, 14 meters in width with asphalt surface, its median lane is 1.5 meters wide, its pavements are 3 meters wide and designed speed of 80 km per hour.

Four expanded bridges, including Long Son, Ba Tuong, Rach Dao and Nha Ram, are designed to expand the bridge width from 10 meters to 17.5 meters (each side is expanded to 3.75 meters). The total investment is over 606 billion VND. Investment capital is from the provincial budget and other lawfully mobilized capital sources.

According to the Department of Transport, up to now, the progress of implementing phase 2 has two completed packages, package 5 (from NH1 to PR 830B) has been accepted and put into use. Package 6 of PR 830B (from PR 830 to NH1) and PR 830 (from PR 830B to Long Kim bridge) has been checked and put into use.

Particularly, package 7 (km 26 + 153 – km 30 + 161), package 8 (km 18 + 293 – km 26 + 153), package 9 (km 12 + 900 – km 14 + 784) and Ba Tuong bridge, package 10 (km 14 + 784 – km 18 + 317, Rach Dao bridge and Nha Ram bridge) and package 11 (Long Son bridge) constructed by Construction Joint Stock Company 559 are now speeding up./.

By Hai Dang – Translated by Duc Tam