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27/02/2018 - 12:58

First bailiff office operates stably in Long An province

The first bailiff office in Long An province, headquarter in National Highway 1A, Ward 5, Tan An city, has been opened for a month and its operation has been stable.

Operation of the first bailiff office in Long An province

Mr. Le Tan Phat, head of Long An bailiff office, said that it was opened on January 18 this year with over ten staff, most of them are bachelors of laws.

Bailiff service is a model of calling social investment in the law field in Vietnam, encouraged to develop by the state to reduce pressure for courts and legal enforcement agencies. The Government has piloted the model in some localities and they have well run.

A bailiff office’s operation comprises filing court papers, serving legal documents and document retrievals, organizing civil case enforcement after being authorized by authorized agencies. The important mission of a bailiff office is preparing certified written minute, recognized by the law to serve as evidence for use before the courts.

Besides the above missions, Mr. Le Tan Phat said that Long An bailift offfice is willing to provide legal advises free of charge for those who need the advises.

By D.Lam– Translated by Kim Chung