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20/08/2019 - 22:28

Former State President - Truong Tan Sang attends the scholarship award ceremony in Duc Hoa

On August 16, Duc Hoa district People's Committee of Long An province organized the program "New School-year Supporting" for students overcoming their difficulty a part of the budget in the first days of school.

Awarding scholarships to students

Awarding scholarships to students 

Former State President - Truong Tan Sang, Secretary of Duc Hoa district Party Committee - Phan Nhan Duy, Vice Chairman of Long An Study Promotion Association - Vo Le Tuan, representatives of sponsors attended the scholarship award ceremony.

The program "New School-year Supporting" for school-year 2019-2020 awarded 490 scholarships for students with outstanding achievements in the school year, with a total budget of 692.9 million VND. This will be a great encouragement to help students gain more energy to reach and achieve high achievements in their study.

Among them, 254 students were rewarded and received Vo Van Tan Scholarship Fund of 433 million VND (including 4 excellent students; 4 students won the Encouragement Award for National Youth Innovation Contest; 10 students getting high score in the Entrance Grade-10  Exam, 100 scholarships for needy high school students and re-grant scholarships to 39 students, 32 new students entering universities with a score of 23.5 or higher, each student is 2 million VND, rewarding 65 excellent students in cultural subjects winning provincial prizes).

In addition, 11 students received a long-term scholarship from Bio Veterinary Company; 10 students received a long-term scholarship from Dr. Phan Hoang Dong.

Also in this phase, the Contacting Board of Duc Hoa people in Ho Chi Minh City awarded 40 scholarships (1 million VND each) to elementary, middle and high school students with difficult circumstances to overcome difficulties in studying well.

At the same time, Dr. Truong Minh Tuyet, Tran Anh Real Estate Company, Hanh Phuc Company, Anh Hong Company, Vietnam Study Promotion Association of Duc Hoa district awarded 175 scholarships (1 million VND each).

On this occasion, Chairman of Long An Provincial People's Committee awarded a certificate of merit to 4 collectives and 5 individuals have many contributions in the study and promotion of Duc Hoa district. These are also units that have contributed much to Duc Hoa district in the past social security activities.

Reportedly, Former State President - Truong Tan Sang is also the founder of the Scholarship Fund named after the late revolutionist Vo Van Tan to support difficult students to university hall./.

By Quỳnh Trang – Translated by Duc Tam