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26/02/2020 - 08:37

Long An: 22 out of 25 targets on socio-economic development in 2016-2020 period expected to reach and exceed plan

On February 25, Long An Provincial People's Committee Chairman - Tran Van Can chaired a meeting to evaluate the results of implementing the five-year socio-economic development task (2016-2020) as well as contribute ideas to the draft document of the XIth Provincial Party Congress.

Long An Provincial People's Committee Chairman - Tran Van Can asked the departments to continue researching to contribute to the political report to submit to the XIth Provincial Party Congress

According to the report of the Provincial People's Committee, in the period of 2016 - 2020, the average economic growth rate is estimated at about 9.61 percent per year. The economic structure of the province has clearly shifted and followed the direction of the industry - service - agriculture development.

Notably, the annual budget revenue reaches and exceeds the plan, the annual revenue growth rate reaches 12.8 percent, the rate of GDP mobilization into the budget is quite high. In 2019, the scale of revenue collection was 1.92 times that of 2015.

GRDP per capita in 2020 is estimated at 78.42 million VND per year. The whole province has 77 new rural communes and 1 new rural district (Chau Thanh district). It is estimated that by 2020, 85 communes will be recognized to meet the new rural standards.

It is forecasted that 22 out of 25 major socio-economic targets have met and exceeded the plan; three targets were not met, including food production, GRDP per capita, and rate of social investment per GRDP.

The program of developing hi-tech applications has achieved initial results

2 breakthrough programs and 3 key projects of the Xth Provincial Party Congress have focused on implementation. Up to now, the whole province has 18,301 out of  20,000 hectares of rice, 1,765 out of 2,000 hectares of vegetables and 2,248.7 out of 2,000 hectares of dragon fruits applying high technology in production. 

Thanks to propaganda, the awareness of officials, civil servants, workers and people has changed positively. The areas implementing the project established 44 cooperatives and 149 cooperative groups. Safe products are increasingly accepted by the market.

9 out of 14 works under Breakthrough Program mobilize all resources to build transport infrastructure system for industrial development in key economic regions are completed, 4 works are being constructed, and 1 project is carrying out procedures to deploy construction.

Provincial Road 830 is constructing the section from Ben Luc to Long An Port, it is expected to complete the entire route in 2020. Tan An City Ring Road is being focused on site clearance and construction from Highway 1 to Provincial Road 827A. The axis road connecting Tien Giang - Long An - Ho Chi Minh City is implementing the planning and investment plan.

Provincial road 830 (Ben Luc district section) has been completed and put into use

However, according to the provincial People's Committee, the planning is not synchronized; most investment projects have to wait for land use planning, the ability to receive investment and the socio-economic development is affected.

The agricultural sector has not grown sustainably. The conversion of plants and animals is not under planning. The consumption of agricultural products is not stable. Many cooperatives have been established but their activities have not been effective.

The occupancy rate of industrial parks and clusters is still low. There are many complaints about environmental pollution in production. Land, construction, urban order management, environmental protection and control are focused on implementation, but the efficiency is not high.

In addition, high quality human resources and skilled labor have not met the development requirements. Medical facilities in remote areas have not been highly effective. Social order and safety still have some unsecured issues, and so on.

Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Tran Van Can asked the departments and branches to continue researching to adjust and complete the results of implementing the socio-economic development task in the 2016-2020 period associated with the political report of the Xth Provincial Party Committee.

In particular, the report should highlight the development results of sectors and fields and seriously point out the limitations and weaknesses to find solutions. All levels and branches should consider carefully to comply with the actual situation and set goals for targets, tasks and solutions for the new period./.

By An Ky - Translated by Pham Ngan