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30/07/2020 - 09:23

Long An: Border areas continued to strengthen control to prevent and fight against Covid-19

Implementing Official Letter No. 3952/CV-BCD dated July 24, 2020 of the National Steering Committee on Prevention and Control of Covid-19 epidemic on strengthening entry control and management of foreigners entry and Official Letter No. 3961/CV-BCĐ dated July 25, 2020 of the National Steering Committee of Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control on strengthening the prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic; Chairman of Long An Provincial People's Committee requests:

Passengers are tightened inspection at entry checkpoints of border areas (Photo: Ngoc Man - Huynh Huong)

Passengers are tightened inspection at entry checkpoints of border areas (Photo: Ngoc Man - Huynh Huong)

1. The Provincial Border Guard Command hosts and coordinates with the Provincial Military Command, Health Department, Provincial ublic Security, Long An Customs Department, Provincial Market Management Department, People's Committees of districts of Duc Hue, Thanh Hoa, Moc Hoa, Vinh Hung, Tan Hung and Kien Tuong town to continue strengthening the strict control of border areas in the province, especially trails and openings, so as not to allow the cases of illegal entry into Vietnam (including waterways and roads) in order to completely prevent the source of disease from invading from outside and spreading to the community.

2. The provincial Military Command and the Health Department will coordinate with functional agencies to intensify the inspection and supervision of the prevention and control of Covid-19 cross-infection in concentrated isolation areas in the province.

3. The provincial public security will host and coordinate with the localities and concerned agencies and units in immediately implementing the following contents:

3.1. Direct local police to strengthen strict management of temporary residence, temporary absence and residence in the area.

3.2. Strengthen the strict management of foreigners who are allowed to work and stay in the locality, especially production and businesses, schools, and hotels, and at the same time direct to review, list and handle severely cases of foreigners coming to reside, illegal stay in the province.

3.3. Mobilize the masses to coordinate and provide information related to cases of illegal entry to promptly strictly handle violations. Promptly detect and strictly handle cases of giving untruthful and untrue information on the situation of Covid-19 epidemic, causing confusion in the public opinion.

Base on the above directions, heads of concerned agencies and units urgently and seriously implement these issues./.

By BLA – Translated by Duc Tam