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01/07/2020 - 16:20

Long An: Effectiveness from models of seedling nursery trees

On June 30, Agricultural Service Center of Long An Province summed up the "Model of seedling nursery trees in the period of 2017-2020" at Phuoc Hoa Cooperative in Phuoc Van commune, Can Duoc district, Long An province.

Model of seedling nursery trees brings about efficiency in production

Model of seedling nursery trees brings about efficiency in production

The model was implemented in November 2017 with an area of 488 square meters in the form of government subsidizing 30 percent of construction costs. The model is invested with items: 1 net house, 1 automatic 6-in-1 vacuum sowing machine and some other equipment such as seedlings, foam trays, supplies, seeds, etc. To date, the cooperative produces and supplies over 1.5 million seedlings of all kinds (eggplant, leaf mustard, mustard greens, basil, perilla, marigold, tomatoes, watermelons, cucumbers, etc.).

According to the Center's assessment, the nursery model provides farmers with access to some new technical advances and stabilizes production areas; it helps farmers be active in farming, shorten production time; increases crops, increases the rotation of land and increases profits. In addition, when farmers use seedlings in the nursery, the survival rate is high, the seedlings recover quickly, increasing their resistance to environmental conditions.

In addition, the nursery is suitable for high-value crops, diversifying sources of vegetables and seeds, supplementing the production of varieties with good quality yield, meeting the requirements of the consumer market. In particular, with crops such as chili, tomatoes, eggplants, watermelons, and so on which is possible to produce seedlings planted with rootstocks, increasing resistance to adverse conditions, resistance to bacterial wilt, limit insects that cause disease.

Visiting hydroponic vegetable growing model of Phuoc Hoa Cooperative

Visiting hydroponic vegetable growing model of Phuoc Hoa Cooperative

Director of Long An Agricultural Service Center - Trinh Hoang Viet said: “To introduce, promote and help farmers access to the use of seedlings produced in nurseries and construction centers. Some models of growing vegetables from nursery seedlings in Can Giuoc and Tan An city. Profits from the model bring higher than the control from 2.8 to 3.5 million VND per 1,000 square meters. Therefore, farmers implement the model to appreciate the effectiveness of using seedlings from nurseries”./.

By Huynh Phong – Translated by Duc Tam