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13/01/2018 - 08:42

Long An shrimp breeders disappointed by shrimp losses

Tet is coming near and people are preparing for the traditional lunar New Year however shrimp breeders in lowland areas of the Mekong delta province of Long An are suffering severe financial losses as this season’s shrimp farms have brought the lowest profit for breeders.

To date, 23.5 hectares of shrimp breeding areas have to harvest sooner than schedule due to diseases.

Mr. Phan Van Nhum, at Nhut Ninh Commune, Tan Tru district said his family would enjoy an unhappy Tet because till now, his family has lost all of money as the shrimp died.

“The breakout of white spot disease caused farmers losses. On the other hand, climate change and some local breeders have not paid attention to right techniques and clean ponds everyday causing the disease spread out in a large scale. Specially, they could not control the breakout of the disease”, said Nhum.

The breakout of white spot disease caused farmers losses

The breakout of white spot disease caused farmers losses

Mr. Tran Trong Nghia, at Thuan My commune, Chau Thanh district said they have not prepared anything for Tet, yet adding that over 10 years of breeding shrimp but this year his family earns nothing from breeding shrimp. Mr. Nghia has a 4,000 sq meter shrimp farm. If shrimp does not get disease, his family will earn much from this business but this year, although he has invested all of his money in breeding shrimp but he lost over VND 50 million as over 80 percent shrimps at his farm died.

In fact, shrimp price increases but breeders do not have shrimp for sale. Shrimp breeders said that many recent years, they have faced many difficulties.

Mr. Nguyen Van Phe from Thuan My Commune, Chau Thanh District said from now till Lunar New Year (February 16), shrimp price will continue increasing therefore he is using many methods to prevent virus-based disease in hopes of  protecting the remaining shrimp.

Shrimp price increases but breeders do not have shrimp for sale

Shrimp price increases but breeders do not have shrimp for sale

Traders said the price increases because there are many year-end parties and many dishes are cooked from shrimp.

Pham Phu Hung, Deputy director of Long An Agricultural Encourage Center said local breeders are urging to improve pond and water source, aiming to earn money for last season before Tet.

However, Mr.Hung said in order to gain high efficiency in breeding shrimp, breeders need to apply high-profit shrimp farming standard from selecting baby seeds, treating environment, preventing diseases …In the upcoming time, the locals should choose good –start season to release shrimps into open-air ponds; breeders must also take baby healthy shrimps, clean bacteria in ponds.

By Huynh Phong - Translated by Dinh Thanh