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04/09/2019 - 09:18

Opening Photo Exhibition of ‘Long An - 50 years implementing President Ho Chi Minh's Testament’

On September 2, at Long An Culture and Arts Center (in Ward 2, Tan An City), Long An Provincial People's Committee held the Opening Ceremony of Photo Exhibition “Long An - 50 years implementing President Ho Chi Minh’s Testament ". Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Council - Pham Van Ranh; and Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Tran Van Can attended the event.

Delegates cut the ribbon to open the photo exhibition of "Long An - 50 years implementing President Ho Chi Minh's Testament"

This exhibition showed more than 200 colorful photos (size 40 centimeters x 60 centimeters), a model of Uncle Ho's stilt house made of wood (size 100 centimeters x 150 centimeters). In particular, 100 theme-throughout photos show the content of praising President Ho Chi Minh, his Testament and the creative way of typical collectives and individuals in learning and following Uncle Ho’s thought, morality and style.

His Testament is a valuable, crystalline historical document in which the quintessence of thought, morality and the noble soul of a great man, his whole life strives and sacrifices for the independence and freedom of the nation, for the people’s happiness. This is also the last instruction of a genius leader, a brilliant visionary revolutionary communist soldier who loves and respects people, strives to sacrifice for humanity’s freedom and happiness.

Great ideas, great moral qualities, and brilliant communist humanitarianism shone from President Ho Chi Minh's historic testament to forever be the source of spiritual strength that led the whole Party and the whole army and all our people on the road to build the Vietnam for the goal of the rich people, the strong country, democracy, justice and civilization.

Art performances at the opening ceremony of the exhibition

In addition, the exhibition will introduce to the public the typical images of the whole Party, the whole army and the people of Long An province implementing Uncle's Testament across the past 50 years. These are the brave images in battle, determined to successfully carry out the mission of "đánh cho Mỹ cút, đánh cho Ngụy nhào!" (it means “drove out the US and toppled the puppets”); carried out the task of overcoming the consequences after the war; Long An's contributions in implementing the one-price mechanism, making a positive contribution to the process of forming the Party's renovation policy; achievements in the process of policy of opening and fulfilling Dong Thap Muoi area; the achievements in economy, culture, society, security and defense of Long An province through the terms of the provincial Party Congress.

Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Tran Van Can speaks at the opening ceremony

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee - Tran Van Can emphasized that the photo exhibition of "Long An - 50 years implementing President Ho Chi Minh's Testament" has many practical meanings such as propagating the content of the Uncle Ho's Testament; affirming its meanings, theoretical and practical value of Ho Chi Minh’s thought; creating conditions for research and study to raise awareness, performing political duties of cadres, party members and youth union members, especially the young generation in order to improve their political spirit and their love of homeland, country and have practical doings following the example of the great Uncle Ho.

Delegates visit the photo exhibition

Mr. Tran Tuan Khuong, Public Security Officer of Tan Tru district shared: “Through this exhibition, I have the opportunity to see images of Uncle Ho's life and activities with my own eyes. This is truly an ideal place for young people to study and follow Uncle Ho's moral example”.

Visitors at the exhibition

It is known that the Organizing Board prepared carefully to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the propaganda to all classes.

The exhibition will be held until the end of September 6 at the Cultural and Art Center of Long An Province.

Deputy Director of the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism - Nguyen Thi Thuy said: “According to the plan, this exhibition will have 2 parts. One part is the image of the life and career of President Ho Chi Minh and the other is the images of economic, cultural and social achievements of Long An province after 50 years of implementing his testament. At the same time, the organizers also invited 15 districts, towns and cities to participate in displaying an exhibition booth of their local achievements after 50 years of implementing President Ho Chi Minh's Testament. Thereby, it shows the efforts of the Party Committee, the government and the people of Long An province in learning and following President Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, morality and style”./.

By Staff – Translated by Duc Tam