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29/05/2020 - 17:04

Restoring production and business activities in new normal state

The whole country has entered a new period of "Fighting epidemic and restoring production, business". Accordingly, production, business and catering establishments also reopened in a new normal state.

Employees wear masks, protective clothing during the food processing

The Covid-19 epidemic has affected the country's economy. In order to restore production, the establishments should adapt to new production and consumption methods. Traditional forms of business have to change in order to survive. Businesses and facilities have to implement dual tasks; they both prevent epidemic and overcome difficulties to produce and ensure employment for their workers.

Similar to other catering businesses, after stopping its operation due to Covid-19, the Jollibee store at Tan An Co.opmart (Tan An city, Long An province) has reopened. In addition to raising awareness of the implementation of disease prevention measures for service personnel and customers, the store also complies with the regulations on ensuring food safety during the epidemic season. Chef Le Thi Ngoc Chau said: “To ensure food safety and prevent disease in the new situation, employees have to disinfect their hands regularly, wear masks, protective clothing during the food processing. After processing, the food is kept confidential.”

In addition to proactively preventing and fighting against epidemics, as an industrial catering company, Ching Chu Rang F.S Trading Co., Ltd. (Thuan Dao Industrial park, Ben Luc district) also has flexible solutions of raw materials to ensure guaranteed production. The company has asked all workers to keep the common hygiene in the work area, disinfect hands and wear masks when cooking, especially those of food processing teams. At the same time, the company has also improved workers' self-discipline in declaring contact history. Kitchen manager - Truong Minh Ke said: “We cleaned, sprayed disinfectant around the kitchen and the dining area for workers; maintain hygiene to prevent diseases ”.

Bach Hoa Xanh ensure the supply of essential goods at a stable price

The system of Bach Hoa Xanh stores in Long An province was also affected by the disease when the import of goods was slower, some sources of goods were interrupted. In order to adapt to the new normal state, Bach Hoa Xanh has a plan to ensure the supply of essential goods at a stable price. At Bach Hoa Xanh - Ben Luc branch (Ben Luc town), to ensure business, the store regularly propagates to all employees and customers about the Covid-19 epidemic, hygiene measures, disease prevention. The store determined that the best solution to prevent epidemics in the current period is to ensure workers' health. Currently, the store is equipped with hand sanitizer at the entrance of the store. According to the reporter's report, customers who come to shopping are measured the body temperature, antiseptic hands and reminders to wear masks properly.

The Covid-19 epidemic has severely affected most sectors of the economy and stopped many socio-economic activities. This is both a challenge and an opportunity for businesses and production facilities to renew themselves and find new and suitable directions. Thereby, they will work together with the whole country to carry out the dual goal of preventing and fighting against epidemics with the spirit of “fighting the epidemic is like fighting against the enemy" and recovering and developing the economy./.

By Staff writers - Translated by Pham Ngan