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06/11/2019 - 10:23

Rural youth innovatived creativeness to start-up a business

The Project Competition for Rural Youth Creative Start-up 2019 organized by Central Youth Union and Business Studies and Assistance Center (BSA) will close in November this year. Long An is honored to have 1 out of 30 outstanding projects of the whole country entering the final ranking round.

Huynh Thi Kim Hoang's Yopoo foam-free shampoo is made from 100 percent natural herbs

Huynh Thi Kim Hoang's Yopoo foam-free shampoo is made from 100 percent natural herbs

1. Over the past few days, Ms. Huynh Thi Kim Hoang (Long Trach commune, Can Duoc district) has been working hard to complete the Project on building cosmetics brand "Hafabo - Rejuvenating from nature" with Yopoo non-foam shampoo – 100 percent natural herbal to compete with 29 excellent contestants across the whole country in Ho Chi Minh City.

According to Ms. Kim Hoang, compared to the projects entered the final ranking round such as Fish Skin Snacks, Dried terrestrial crabs, Organic Straw Fertilizer Production in Agriculture, Coconut Lipstick with environmentally friendly wooden shells, etc. project "Hafabo - Rejuvenate from nature" brings a certain changes to the market; The product is rarely exploited and served by businesses, this is considered one of the important criteria of the start-up process.

Her Yopoo non-foam shampoo products are made from 100 percent natural herbs such as locust-tree, wingleaf soapberry, goosegrass, grapefruit peel, Ocimum sanctum, licorice, iridescent, guava, lemongrass, ginger, etc. The process of making shampoo has up to 80 percent of hand-making. “Medicines are brought back home to dry and then put in a pressure cooker, combined with water and adjusted to extract essential oil. With 20 kilos of herbal ingredients combined with 70 liters of water (pour water 2 times) baked for 3 days and nights, produce a complete batch of shampoo. The preeminence of this product is to help users treat dandruff, reduce breakage, loss, stimulate hair growth, make hair strong, smooth and black” - Ms. Kim Hoang shared.

Ms. Kim Hoang expressed: “Currently, my products have a certain position in the market. However, I need to learn more, especially to form a value chain in the startup ecosystem to gain a long-term competitive advantage”.

As a disabled swimmer, she has to constantly be in contact with water containing chemicals that treat the pool, so her scalp is allergic, it generates dandruff and makes itchy uncomfortable. She used some shampoos sold in the market to treat hair breakage, her hair lost more and more. Therefore, she studied, researched and manufactured natural shampoos, firstly for use, then sold to customers in need, especially pregnant and child-feeding women.

2. After 3 months of implementation, the competition for start-up creative projects in rural areas in 2019 has received 225 participating projects from 48 provinces and cities across the country. These are ideas and projects of youth union members and volunteers in many fields such as cultivation, husbandry, aquaculture, forestry, agricultural equipment, agricultural services, storage and processing technology, etc.

According to the Head of Rural Youth Committee of Central Youth Union - Nguyen Thi Thu Van, this year's competition has many new and quite unique products. More than 80 percent of the products of the projects participating in this competition have been deployed, commercialized and marketed. The agricultural sector is concerned with the number of ideas, the start-up project of youth union members and volunteers is increasing.

“Right after launching the competition, the Organizing Committee organized 15 training courses to guide youth to write a start-up project in the Red River Delta, Central Highlands and Western and Southeast provinces and cities. Entering the semi-finals, the Organizing Committee continues to train and help the contestants complete the production and business plan as well as guide the skills for presenting and protecting projects for 105 out of 225 contestants” - Head of Rural Youth Committee of Central Youth Union - Nguyen Thi Thu Van shared more information.

Vice Chairman of Vietnam Youth Union of Long An province - Pham Van Hau affirmed: “The competition aims to connect participating projects, create links, form value chains, and support development together. Thereby, it contributes to creating opportunities for businesses to approach and timely grasps good ideas, creativity and potential business models, from which they can invest, expand production and diversify career".

“The competition is an opportunity and good conditions for contestants to experience, draw many valuable lessons and experiences for themselves; at the same time, it helps rural youth learn and cultivate basic knowledge about start-up a business, develops production and business plans; invests and expands production; creates linkages and formulates value chains ”- Ms. Kim Hoang shared.

From 30 typical projects entering the national final round, the Organizing Committee will award 1 first prize, 2-second prizes, 3-third prizes and 4 consolation prizes. The awards include certificates of merit of the Central Youth Union, cash (from 10-50 million VND) and the scholarship "Accelerate start-up, meet the investment fund standard" worth 500-1,000 USD.

Besides, the winning projects in the competition will be supported with capital from the National Fund for jobs with maximum support from 200 million VND to 1 billion VND. In addition, the Organizing Committee also selected a potential project to display products at the International Agricultural Fair in Thailand.

The creative start-up competition for rural Youth 2019 to effectively implement the program "Youth starting-up a bussiess for the period of 2016-2021", successfully implementing the Resolution of the Youth Union congress at all levels for the term of 2017-2022, demonstrating the role of the Youth Union in accompanying with starting up and establishing a business. Since then, it promotes the role of shocking, volunteering, daring to think and daring to do of youth union members and volunteers in actualizing startup ideas, contributing to socio-economic development in the locality./.

By Phong Nha – Translated by Duc Tam