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19/09/2019 - 08:33

Tan Dong: Rural infrastructure built

Tan Dong commune of Thanh Hoa district, Long An province determines the completion of rural infrastructure is an important premise to promote socio-economic development, it contributes to improving people's lives. Over the past time, it focused on many investment resources to have achieved positive results.

Rural roads are opened widely and spaciously

Rural roads are opened widely and spaciously

State and people work together

Along with promoting propaganda and advocacy, the commune reviews the planning and sets out specific plans to implement the construction of the infrastructure system effectively. With the motto "State and people work together", only from the end of 2018 to now, the commune has implemented 10 bridges and rural roads with a total budget of over 7 billion VND. In particular, the people and sponsors donate money and donate land worth over 3.7 billion VND.

According to the Secretary of the Party Committee of Tan Dong commune - Huynh Hoa Thuan, the Resolution of the Party Committee in 2019 identified one of the key tasks to focus on building a rural transport infrastructure system. In particular, the commune has invested in the implementation of 4 bridges to commemorate the 30th anniversary of founding the district. Up to now, the works have been completed and put into use, both creating favorable conditions for people to travel and bringing a new face to the locality.

It is known in the construction of the transportation system that the commune faces many difficulties because it costs a lot to implement the infrastructure. Most people agree with the State's policy due to the land is large and the population is sparse and the funding is high therefore so it is not always easy to mobilize the people's power. However, with the determination of the entire political system, the commune implements the motto "the longer the policy is propagandized, the more people understand" focused on propagandizing so that people can understand their subjective role.

Ms. Dang Thi Bich Van, living in hamlet 3, one of the households actively participating in local land donation shared: “Previously, roads were small, narrow and mostly covered with gravel, so they were muddy in the rainy season and it is difficult for people to travel. Now that the State has invested in construction, people are excited! Not only my family but many households donate a lot of lands, but everyone is happy because the road is finished, the travel and transportation of agricultural products will be much more convenient”.

Tan Dong strives to have 55 percent of households using clean water by the end of 2019

Tan Dong strives to have 55 percent of households using clean water by the end of 2019

Efforts are made

In addition to focusing on implementing traffic criteria associated with the National Target Program on building new-style rural areas, the Party Committee of the commune also developed a thematic resolution on leadership to uphold and improve the criteria of cultural communes and to be re-recognized as a cultural commune by the end of 2019. Accordingly, the commune mobilized funding for repairing and upgrading cultural hamlet headquarters, purchasing additional equipment to meet the people's needs of meeting and performing activities.

Also, the commune has invested in building a clean water supply system. By this time, the commune has built 3 wells to provide clean water and is continuing to mobilize and propagate for people to contribute funding for installing meters and pipes to supply clean water for use. Mr. Truong Van Kiet, living in hamlet 4, was happy to express: “The price of water is a bit higher but good for health. Previously, the water source was badly alum, had to be filtered to use, so it was very inconvenient and time-consuming”.

Secretary of Party Committee of the commune - Huynh Hoa Thuan shared: “During the process of leadership and management of basic construction investment, the Party Committee and People's Committee always follow the prescribed procedures, from the stage for investment, project planning, plan-building, designing, bidding, construction-organizing, and so on. All projects are implemented to the people and agreed by the people before implementation. The payment and settlement of expenses is also publicized and transparent. With this approach, the basic construction works in the commune are ensuring the quality and the set progress. ”

Despite many difficulties in funding, but with the combined efforts of both the political system and the people, the rural infrastructure system of Tan Dong commune has gradually improved, creating a spacious appearance for the locality./.

By An Kỳ - Translated by Duc Tam