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10/11/2018 - 17:50

Wild sunflower festival on way in Gia Lai province

Wild sunflower festival Chu Dang Ya Volcano 2018 takes place at la Gri village, Chu Dang Ya commune, Chu Pah district in the central highlands province of Gia Lai from December 10 to 13.

Wild sunflowers begin blooming in early October until the end of November 

According to the festival’s organizing board, Chu Pah district authorities have focused on supporting local people to prepare for the festival. This event includes various activities such as kite flying competition, bird-singing contest, climbing expedition to the summit of Chu Dang Ya mountain, farm produce kermis and so on.

On the road to Chu Dang Ya Extinct Volcano

The annual festival aims to create favorable conditions for people of local and surrounding areas to admire the beauty of those wild sunflowers as well as to introduce different local specialties, particularly wild banana and dried bamboo shoots to tourists.

Place where the festival takes place 

Local people plant vegetables on the sides of Chu Dang Ya Extinct Volcano

Wild sunflowers start to bloom from October to November, signaling the start of the dry season. Although wild sunflowers are not as big as sunflowers, they cluster and create glowing yellow carpet when blooming. Perhaps the flower is at its best beauty in the early morning when the sunlight just comes out and dewdrops still remain on leaves and petals./.

By Phong Nha - Translated by Pham Ngan