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14/10/2021 - 08:34

Long An: Prices and quality of agricultural materials promoted inspection to prepare for winter-spring crop 2021-2022

Many farmers and voters in Dong Thap Muoi region reflected that many agents of agricultural materials have increased the selling price of fertilizers and pesticides, the unguaranteed quality of fertilizers causes disadvantages to farmers.

Farmers in Dong Thap Muoi region harvest rice

Farmers in Dong Thap Muoi region harvest rice

According to the authorities, the prices of agricultural inputs has shown signs of increasing, some people producing and trading poor quality agricultural materials, using banned substances in livestock and farming and processing food; a situation of hoarding, speculating, hoarding goods for illegal profit, so on affect agricultural production and cause frustration for people.

Mr. Nguyen Van Be, Binh Phong Thanh townlet, Moc Hoa district said: “Currently, in Dong Thap Muoi region, the prices of URE and DAP fertilizers have increased nearly doubled. Not only fertilizers, labor costs also increase rapidly. Currently, farming labor is 250,000 - 300,000 VND per day. The cost of sowing seeds has been increased from 250,000 VND per hectare to 500,000 VND per hectare, and the rental fee for spraying aircraft has been increased from 180,000 VND per hectare to 250,000 VND per hectare.

From the above situation, the People's Committee of Long An province assigned the Provincial Market Management Department, the Standing Committee of the 389 Provincial Steering Committee to direct the province's 389 interdisciplinary inspection team to plan to strengthen the comprehensive inspection of producing and trading fertilizers, animal feeds and aqua feeds; food additives, colorants and preservatives in food processing. 

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development monitors and grasps the trade situation and people's feedback on the quality of agricultural materials and food safety in order to coordinate the inspection or set up an irregular inspection team according to the authority in case of necessity.

The local People's Committees create the most favorable conditions for farmers to participate in production, the means of transport of agricultural products, goods and essential agricultural materials to ensure production, not to allow congestion, disruption of the supply chain of materials for production and consumption of agricultural products.

At the same time, monitor and closely grasp the situation of the quality of agricultural materials and food in order to direct and set up an irregular inspection team on the trade of agricultural materials and food safety, so they do not take advantage of the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic to increase prices or sell goods of poor quality in the locality. Violations must be strictly handled in accordance with law./.

By Moc Lam – Translated by Duc Tam