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06/05/2021 - 14:42

Mobilizing people's sources in socio-economic development

In recent years, the campaign for the entire people to unite to build new-style rural (NR) and a civilized urban has been launched by the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (FF) launched by the all-level FF in the area of Thu Thua district. Long An province actively responded, mobilized and deployed many models with practical results.

Building homeland together

Binh An commune has just been reviewed to be recognized to meet NR standards. After more than 8 years of implementing and performing the program, the commune has mobilized an investment capital of over 244 billion VND; in which, people contributed over 144 billion VND, accounting for 59 percent of the total budget. In order to achieve that result, the Party Committee, the authorities, especially the FF and mass organizations in the communes promoted the propaganda to change awareness, mobilize the people's contributions to carry out the works "The State and people work together”.

Rural roads in Binh An commune have been expanded and upgraded with the motto that the State and people work together

Rural roads in Binh An commune have been expanded and upgraded with the motto that the State and people work together

The most obvious change in Binh An commune can be mentioned is its rural transport system. Information from the People’s Committee of the commune, currently, 2 main roads of the commune with a total length of 6 kilometers have been asphalted 100 percent. Hamlet roads with a total length of more than 10 kilometers are also paved with concrete, clean and spacious. All alleys are hardened, they ensure no muddy in the rainy season. People's travel and transport goods and construction materials much more conveniently than before.

According to Chairman of the Vietnam FF Committee in Binh An commune - Pham Ngoc Danh, the Front has launched membership organizations to build and implement many models of “clever mass mobilization” on all areas in order to contribute to the local completion of the commercial enterprise program. Highlights are the models of land donation to expand, upgrade roads, light for security and order, contributing to the Fund for Covid-19 epidemic Prevention and Control, supporting to build houses, creating conditions for poor households to loan for developing production, improving income, etc.

The effectiveness from the models has had a positive impact on socio-economic development, strengthening national defense and security in localities, implementing the criteria for building cultural communes and NR. Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Loc, living in An Hoa 1 hamlet, Binh An commune, said enthusiastically: “Thanks to the commercial enterprise, the appearance of the locality has many changes. The roads were all widened; electricity and water for domestic use are also adequate; an investment of a hamlet culture house; the school is spacious to meet the needs of people's life”.

Improving people's lives

The district FF and its member organizations regularly coordinate with the authorities, proactively implement and perform the Ordinance on grassroots democracy in association with 5 contents of the campaign for the entire people to unite the commercial enterprises, civilized urban areas; at the same time, to coordinate in inspecting the implementation of the regulations, contributing to promoting and enhancing the role of the people, the Front and socio-political organizations; well implementing the motto "people know, people discuss, people do, and people check".

Poor households are given solidarity houses

Poor households are given solidarity houses  

Last year, the all-level Fronts in the district and its membership organizations focused on propagating and mobilizing all strata of the people to implement the Party's guidelines and lines, the policies and laws of the State. In addition, the Front also organizes activities to take care of people's lives, especially poor households with difficult circumstances, strengthens people's confidence and expands the great solidarity of the whole nation. Thereby, it increases social consensus and promotes patriotic emulation movements.

According to Deputy Chairman of the Vietnam FF Committee of Thu Thua district - Nguyen Van Do, the Front always determines that improving people's lives is a very important task, playing a decisive role in building cultural communes, NR. Therefore, the all-level FF in the district actively propagates and mobilizes people to promote production and business development to increase income. On the other hand, the Front and its membership organizations also mobilize to build solidarity houses and charity houses, helping poor households to get better in life.

By 2020, the District Fund for the Poor will be mobilized nearly 320 million VND. Along with that, all-level Fronts built and repaired 45 solidarity houses; mobilize people to contribute money and donate land worth over 1.8 billion VND; donating nearly 25,000 gifts to poor students, poor households, and difficult households; mobilized 600 working days to build houses for people with meritorious services, people worshiping the Vietnamese Heroic Mother, the poor in the district, etc.

Ms. Phung Thi Xe (born in 1937), living in hamlet 1, My Thanh commune, is one of the poor households who has been built a house in 2020. It is known that Ms. Xe has 8 children, all were married and separated. She lived in hardship because she still had to take care of her children to study, so she could not help her. Old age, weak, often sick, Ms. Xe can no longer work and has to live on the monthly social allowance. Thanks to local help, she can have a solid house to enjoy her old age.

Through concrete and practical models, the all-level FF of Thu Thua district has contributed to arousing the people's strength, promoting the strength of great national solidarity, positively impacting local development./.

By Ky Nam – Translated by Duc Tam