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09/12/2020 - 19:02

PM issues quick telegram to ensure order and traffic safety associated with Covid-19 prevention and control of New Year, Lunar New Year of Metal Ox

On December 7, the PM issued a telegram No. 1711/CD-TTg on ensuring order and traffic safety associated with Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control during the New Year, Lunar New Year of Metal Ox and the spring Festival 2021.

Propagation and dissemination of the law on traffic safety requested to promote, guide skills in safe traffic

Propagation and dissemination of the law on traffic safety requested to promote, guide skills in safe traffic

Accordingly, in 2020, with the efforts of the entire political system in determination to successfully implement the dual goal of continuing to prevent and fight against the Covid-19 epidemic and socio-economic development, economic activities, social, domestic transportation is gradually recovering and it is forecasted that the trend will increase strongly, especially during the New Year, the Lunar New Year of Metal Ox and the Spring Festival 2021, increasing the demand for passenger transportation, goods and vehicle density in traffic, putting great pressure on infrastructure, traffic organization and transport services.

In order to ensure traffic order and safety for people to celebrate the New Year, Lunar New Year of Metal Ox and Spring Festival 2021, the PM requested the National Traffic Safety Committee, the Ministries, branches, socio-political organizations and the People's Committees of provinces and centrally-run cities shall, based on their functions, tasks, direct, coordinate and organize the implementation of the following tasks and solutions:

Promoting propaganda and dissemination of the law on traffic safety, guide skills in safe traffic and knowledge of Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control when people participate in traffic. Focusing on mobilizing people to implement: "Drinking alcohol or beer - not driving"; not driving fast or carelessly passing other vehicles; not carrying more than the prescribed number of passengers; not using your phone while driving; wearing qualified helmets when riding motorcycles, motorbikes, electric bicycles; wearing seat belts when sitting in cars; stopping the vehicle to observe safety when crossing a railway; wearing life jackets in accordance with the regulations when riding the boat; washing hands properly and wear face masks when participating in traffic, etc. Advocating for people to use public transport during Tet holidays and Spring Festival. Timely updating the situation of traffic accidents, traffic jams during the Lunar New Year and in the Spring Festival area in news reports. The production and business units and educational and training establishments disseminate and require employees, pupils and students to voluntarily abide by the law on traffic safety; actively coordinated with transportation units to sell train tickets directly to workers, students and workers; arrange suitable time for employees and students to take Tet holidays and return to work and study, reduce traffic pressure before, during and after the Lunar New Year.

Strengthening patrol, control and strictly handling acts of violation of road traffic safety and security by railway and waterway; at the same time ensuring the absolute safety of Covid-19 epidemic prevention for the task force and the people. Focusing on checking, detecting and sanctioning the following acts: Driving a vehicle violating regulations on speed, alcohol concentration, and drugs; walking in the wrong part of the road or lane; Illegally stopping or parking the vehicle; not wearing a helmet when riding a motorbike or motorcycle; not giving way to priority vehicles; going into the emergency lane; violation when crossing across the street; carrying overloads, exceeding the prescribed number of people; not having driver licenses, qualifications or professional certificates; vehicles are not registered, registered, do not ensure technical safety, are not equipped with life-saving and lifesaving tools and so on. Enhancing the exploitation and use of data from vehicle tracking devices To check and handle violations, the object to focus on checking and handling is the operator of passenger cars, cargo cars, etc. Determined to prevent illegal car races, gather and disrupt public order, and suppress all acts against public service executors. Examining the observance of laws on aviation security and safety and traffic safety at cross-river passenger terminals, tourist wharves, on complicated waterways and channels.

Improving the capacity and quality of passenger transport services, meeting the travel needs of people during the New Year, Lunar New Year of Metal Ox and Spring Festival 2021; require the passenger transport business units to fully comply with the provisions of the law on traffic safety and at the same time strictly comply with the regulations and directions on prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemics, especially at main traffic hubs, on public passenger vehicles, as well as the contingent of drivers and service staff on vehicles. Having an appropriate plan to organize passenger transportation, ensuring epidemic safety, meeting the travel needs of people, preventing passengers from returning home for Tet due to lack of means; minimizing flight delays and cancellations; strictly dealing with the illegal fare increase situation. Resolutely not allowing vehicles, drivers, attendants and passengers who fail to comply with Covid-19 epidemic prevention regulations in the traffic.

The telegram also requires a plan to organize, regulate and divide traffic flow; arrange forces to promptly release when an accident or traffic jam occurs, not to arise prolonged congestion

Strengthening the inspection of safety conditions for traffic infrastructure works; promptly overcome damaged road sections, landslides caused by floods and rain; review and supplement traffic signaling systems, reflective warning devices at intersections, high-slope sections, narrow curvature, limited visibility, potentially risking traffic safety. Collecting non-stop tolls, proactively opening stations, suspending toll collection to clear vehicles when traffic congestion occurs; strictly sanction the vehicles that do not qualify for the non-stop electronic toll gate (ETC), causing traffic congestion in accordance with the direction of the Prime Minister in Notice No. 150/TB-VPCP dated December 02, 2020. Infrastructure construction and maintenance units, to increase guidance, ensure traffic and take timely remedial measures when infrastructure problems occur; complete the upgrade, repair and maintenance of key traffic routes in the urban area and return the roadbed to serve traffic before January 30, 2021. There is a plan for traffic organization, regulation and division; arrange forces to promptly release when an accident or traffic jam occurs, prevent prolonged congestion, especially on the first and last days of the Tet holiday on the main axes in and out of the city center of Hanoi and HCMC; routes connecting with key traffic hubs (stations, airports, ports, etc.) and the Spring Festival area.

Directing provincial Departments of Health and medical examination and treatment facilities throughout the country to be on duty 24 hours a day, readying human resources, facilities, medical equipment, medicines, preventive blood sources, and fluids. To ensure the highest possibility in emergency and treatment of traffic accident victims, minimizing human damage.

Having a timely and effective response plan when situations arise with Covid-19 virus infection at traffic hubs and on public transports. Heads of agencies and units shall be held responsible before the law if there is a situation of lack of control in Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control, leading to the spread of epidemics on the means of transport or in the locality. under the scope of management.

Publicly announcing on the mass media the hotline phone number to receive feedback from people about the traffic safety situation, coordinate to promptly resolve and overcome incidents and traffic accidents. inform; fully post up information about Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control at traffic hubs (bus stations, stations, airports, ports, etc.) and on public transports.

Local socio-political organizations are requested to actively coordinate with functional agencies to participate in the realm, guide traffic, and organize checkpoints at places with high risk of traffic accidents. through traffic, especially at crossroads, people's paths, self-opening passages across the railway, there is a high risk of traffic accidents in the area; coordinated with functional forces to propagate and mobilize people in traffic to strictly comply with regulations on prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic.

Inspecting and urging the implementation and performance of electrical power, ensuring timely and effective. To report on the implementation of the Telegram to the National Traffic Safety Committee before February 20, 2021 to synthesize and report to the PM./.

By P.N – Translated by Duc Tam