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03/12/2021 - 17:27

Reproduction for economic recovery

Besides being facilitated by Long An province, the enterprises in the area organize safe and flexible adaptation plans, both for production and trade, and to ensure their work of epidemic prevention and control.

Ching Luh Shoes Vietnam Co., Ltd basically restores production 100 percent

Ching Luh Shoes Vietnam Co., Ltd basically restores production 100 percent

1. Currently, the situation of Covid-19 epidemic in the province is basically under control. The province is restoring safe, flexible and adaptive socio-economic activities in accordance with the spirit of guidance from the Central Government. Enterprises have both focused on disease prevention and control and resumed production and business. As an FDI enterprise, Ching Luh Vietnam Shoes Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Ching Luh Company, operating in Thuan Dao Industrial Park, Ben Luc District) with a normal number of workers (no epidemic) with more than 21,000 employees but had to temporarily suspend operations (from July 13) to fight with the locality against the epidemic. This has a great impact on the company, causing economic losses, workers lost their jobs, incomes fell deeply, creating a huge burden of security for the company as well as local authorities. 

According to the representative of Ching Luh Company - Pham Ngoc Huynh, the unit strictly complied with the policy of the government and suspended production activities to prevent and control the epidemic. Because the number of workers is too large, the production line is difficult to secure, so we cannot implement the "3-on-site" measure as planned. This caused the company to suffer very heavy losses, losing nearly 1 million USD per day. Although not producing, the company tries to support, create conditions and pay wages to workers in accordance with regulations. The company has to pay about 270 billion VND per month in salary to employees to share difficulties with everyone during the epidemic.

From September 27, the company returned to production with the number of workers about one third of normal. Currently, all workers have returned to the factory to work. The company actively prevents and combats the Covid-19 epidemic, restores production and business, controls the disease in accordance with the State's regulations, upholds its roles and responsibilities, avoids cross-infection, and ensures the implementation of the "dual goal" of both preventing and controlling epidemic and ensuring production activities and limiting the impact of the epidemic on the company's production and trade.

A good sign after about 2 months of returning to operation, the business situation is quite positive, the market is open, the company's orders increase higher than before. Currently, the company has basically restored 100 percent of production activities. The company also informed and registered to recruit about 3,000-4,000 more workers to serve the current and future production.

2. Operating for the past 14 years in Hoa Binh Industrial Park (Thu Thua District), Viet Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (Dong duoc Viet) proactively plans to adapt safely and flexibly, both focusing on re-production and trade, and on prevention, against the Covid-19 epidemic. During the complicated development of the epidemic, in order to maintain production and fight the epidemic, the company implemented the "3-on-site" measure in accordance with the direction of the province.

Currently, all production activities have returned to normal. The company propagates to workers to strictly follow the "5K" measure, not to be subjective, even though the epidemic situation is initially under control. At the factory, the company requires all workers to strictly comply with epidemic prevention and control measures.

Viet Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (Đông dược Việt) transforms its production model to be suitable, adaptive and minimizes risks in the coming time

Viet Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (Đông dược Việt) transforms its production model to be suitable, adaptive and minimizes risks in the coming time

For production activities, the company started to transform and actively adapt to the market. According to General Director of Viet-Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company Pham Quoc Vinh, the complicated epidemic caused the supply of raw materials to be in short supply at times, the increase in transportation costs, leading to higher product costs. The market is difficult, the output of products is affected (only 70 percent of normal).

Currently, the epidemic situation is under control, the company actively adapts safely and flexibly. The official documents, directing documents of the province, the company fully grasped, based on that, deployed and implemented. Restoring operations, the company organizes many customer care programs, market surveys, and orders to proactively produce. The situation since the resumption of operations, the company's production has had more positive signals, the number of orders has also increased compared to before.

Mr. Pham Quoc Vinh shared that, after the epidemic, the company also had to research and transform production models, prioritizing automation to limit dependence on personnel. In order to be suitable and avoid risks, in 2022 and the following years, the company will invest in a number of automation equipment for production. In addition, the company cooperates with a youth volunteer unit (Lam Dong province) to open a medicinal herb farming area with the goal of both ensuring the source of raw materials and combining with eco-tourism to ensure production development in 2022.

At the same time, the company continues to promote its role to the community, participating with the locality in social security and charity activities to support and share with families and households in difficult circumstances.

Thien Chi Saigon Co., Ltd. reproduces and actively prevents and controls epidemics

Thien Chi Saigon Co., Ltd. reproduces and actively prevents and controls epidemics

3. Similarly, Thien Chi Saigon Co., Ltd (Tan Kim Industrial Park, Can Giuoc District) also proactively plans to reopen production and trade when opening to safely and flexibly adapt to the Covid-19 epidemic. The company specializes in the production of safes, exports account for about 80 percent, mainly the US, European and Southeast Asian markets. Currently, production activities are gradually recovering, the market is reopening, the company is also proactive in orders and labor sources to reproduce.

According to the company's representative - Dang Dinh Hiep, the company was facilitated by the locality when the epidemic was complicated, it implemented the "3-on-site" measure to maintain production activities. Currently, production activities are basically restored, orders are guaranteed, workers return to work almost 100 percent. Although the epidemic situation is under control, the company is not subjective, neglecting to prevent and control the epidemic, the company requires all workers to strictly comply with regulations and coordinate with functional agencies and localities in epidemic prevention.

According to the assessment, the operation will be difficult when remanufacturing, the company tries to connect with partners, find markets, take advantage of contracts to soon stabilize production. The epidemic occurred unexpectedly and negatively affected the company. In order to limit risks in the coming time, the company has prepared a reconstruction plan, invested in more machines and equipment for production, process transformation, and prioritized technology in operations./.

By Chau Son – Translated by Duc Tam