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04/09/2023 - 07:07

Awaken tourism development potential

Long An has a lot of potential for tourism development. Exploiting them to help the province's tourism develop is what both businesses and state management agencies are aiming for.

Exploiting from strengths

During the September 2 holiday, Tan Lap Floating Village Tourism Area (Moc Hoa district) launched a combo ticket program including entertainment services and lunch buffet with specialties along with some promotions. Recently, Tan Lap Floating Village Tourism Area has implemented many incentive programs to attract tourists.

Deputy Director of Tan Lap Floating Village Tourism Area - Pham Ngoc Tri said: "Since the tourism industry restarted, Tan Lap Floating Village has joined the general trend. In addition to embellishing the landscape, running promotions, the tourist area also deployed many new services and playgrounds. The area of folk games and water sports games is suitable for many groups of guests. Night camping services and fishing experiences were also deployed to welcome guests this summer.”

Ecotourism based on the strengths of Dong Thap Muoi region is the highlight of Long An tourism

Tan Lap floating village is one of the most famous tourist areas in Long An. Exploiting the strength of Dong Thap Muoi ecological tourism, Tan Lap Floating Village is known for the road through the melaleuca forest, the dinghys weaving under the melaleuca canopy, on the water full of green duckweed. In the flooding season, standing on the high observation tower, visitors can see the eye-catching green melaleuca forest and the blooming lotus and lily fields.

Cuisine is a special highlight at Tan Lap Floating Village and Endless Field tourist areas

Also exploiting the strengths of ecotourism but in a completely different direction, focusing on health care, Endless Field Tourist Area (Moc Hoa district) gives visitors a relaxing and intimate experience with nature.

Developed from a conservation and medicinal research area, Endless Fields limits interference with nature to a minimum. Even the canals here have special, simple names and are associated with typical flora and fauna of the Dong Thap Muoi region such as: Red Water Lily, White Water Lily, Dragon Snake, Dien Dien, Guide Birds, Hornets, Kingfishers, etc. Coming here, visitors can enjoy the feeling of being immersed in nature with activities: Walking, cycling under the canopy of melaleuca forest, bathing in natural rainwater lakes, watching fireflies in the forest at night, etc. In order to care for and restore the health of tourists, the dishes on the menu are made from natural ingredients with high medicinal properties, meeting the requirements of each tourist.

The advantages and highlights of Tan Lap Floating Village or Endless Field are all associated with the characteristics of the Dong Thap Muoi region and receive satisfaction from tourists. In just the first 6 months of 2023, Tan Lap Floating Village Tourism Area welcomed about 12,000 visitors, Endless Field Tourism Area welcomed about 2,500 visitors. That is a good sign, because recently, the general economic recession has caused difficulties in the development of the tourism industry.

Facing the challenges and difficulties of the market, units continue to strive for, invest, innovate, and bring more new and higher quality services. Mr. Pham Ngoc Tri said: Tan Lap floating village is conducting surveys to research and build additional items: Southern village homestay area (50 rooms), Floating Village Bungalow, Bungalow. Meanwhile, Endless Fields Tourism Area is also building sites to preserve and develop medicinal plants, survey and research procedures to build more resort bungalows, medicinal miniatures, and observing stations, etc.

Unlocking many new potentials

Director of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism - Nguyen Thanh Thanh said that Long An has diverse potential for tourism development. In addition to ecological tourism in the Dong Thap Muoi area, river tourism, the potential of tourism associated with historical relics, industrial tourism exploits the strengths of factories, industrial parks and sport tourism also have a lot of development potential.

Long An International Port has great potential for developing industrial tourism (Photo: Duy Bang)

The development of industrial tourism is currently being researched and implemented by the provincial tourism industry. Some localities have taken proactive steps to find sample tours to introduce to tourists. The Provincial Tourism Information and Promotion Center informed that, the Can Giuoc District People's Committee is coordinating with the Provincial Tourism Association to organize a tourism famtrip in the district on industrial tourism in addition to the available strengths of river tourism.

Students experiencing mat weaving at the Vam Nhut Tao historical relic site

For localities that do not have industrial development, the orientation for the tourism industry is mostly based on the district's specific strengths, mainly tourist areas associated with historical events and figures. Tan Tru District People's Committee is preparing to launch a new tourism product at Vam Nhut Tao historical relic site with a combination of learning history and experiencing local culture. In Ben Luc district, historical relic sites are being invested in and built, as a premise to attract tourists.

Department of Culture and Information of Ben Luc district informed that, in addition to investing in construction and restoration of historical relics sites, the locality also promotes propaganda and historical relics in many forms such as organizing competitions to learn about history - culture; creating an introduction clip about historical relic sites in the area; propaganda on the district website, social networks; etc. Thereby, local people can understand and appreciate more, and tourists from far away have more information about destinations associated with culture and history of the locality. In addition to introducing the relic sites, Ben Luc district also proactively develops sample tours, combining visits to historical areas with other entertainment spots in the surrounding area or right in the district.

With synchronous efforts between the province, districts and businesses, tourism companies, it is hoped that Long An's tourism potential will soon be awakened and shaped./.

By Thu Lam - Translated by Q. Thien