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07/02/2024 - 16:02

People happily celebrate Tet

As the Tet atmosphere is pervading, every family is preparing to welcome a warm and joyful Tet holiday.

Bustling spring atmosphere

These days, the atmosphere is bustling as people go back and forth shopping, preparing to welcome the Lunar new year. The colors of spring are pervading on the streets, alleys and in the faces of everyone.

Since December 23 of lunar calendar, Tet seems to have knocked every door. Families pay their respects to Kitchen's gods and clean the altar thoroughly. Everyone are racing against time to celebrate Tet.

Farmers in My Loc commune, Can Giuoc district are busy harvesting watermelon for Tet

These days, Mr. Cao Van Phuong's family (My Loc commune, Can Giuoc district, Long An province) is busy harvesting watermelons for Tet. Sticking to the profession of growing watermelons to serve the Tet market for more than 30 years, every year, his whole family must finish the crop before the Tet shopping. Mr. Phuong said that thanks to his mastery of techniques and familiar traders from Ho Chi Minh City, his melon field was booked at a price of 15,000 VND/kg. The Tet melon crop brings in quite a bit of income, so despite being busy, his family are still happy.

Spring is the season that starts the new year. For every Vietnamese person from ancient times to the present, Tet has become an indispensable part, contributing to Vietnamese cultural identity - the source of national strength. The picture of Tet in the South includes rows of yellow apricot trees, pots of marigolds and chrysanthemums blooming in front of the house to add a bit of spring scent; Newly painted houses; jam, candy, banh chung's leaves, pickles, etc stalls.

Ms. Pham Ngoc Han (hamlet 3, My Thanh Dong commune, Duc Hue district) makes Chinese sausage to celebrate Tet.

In early December of lunar calendar, Ms. Pham Ngoc Han (hamlet 3, My Thanh Dong commune, Duc Hue district) started shopping for new clothes for family. In these days, she is even busier with cleaning and decorating the house. As someone who likes to cook, every time Tet comes, she often makes many dishes, including Chinese sausages.

Her neighbors visited and ate her delicious sausages, so they advised her to make more to sell. Therefore, this Tet, in addition to making food for the family, she makes a little more to sell. “I don't find busying to wrap banh tet, make pickles, sausages, etc to be troublesome; I also don't find cleaning the house tiring. For me, going into the kitchen, preparing dishes with my own hands or decorating the home after a busy year contributes to the "flavor of Tet"" - Ms. Han confided.

A happy traditional Tet

Blooming flowers are the signal of Tet

As the branches of apricot, chrysanthemums and marigolds are bright and colorful, creating a very unique flavor of Tet days, it is also the time when people are busy completing the work of the last days of the year to prepare and welcome a new year of warmth, happiness and fullness.

In the minds of many people, spring is the season to gently forget all anger and hold on to love. Traditional Tet is an important moment of the year, the start of favorable and joyful things.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoang Oanh (Tan Tru town, Tan Tru district) decorates her house to celebrate Tet

To create a cozy space during Tet, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoang Oanh (Tan Tru town, Tan Tru district) spent time cleaning and decorating their house.

Ms. Oanh shared: “Every year, my husband and I usually celebrate Tet at our parents' and grandparents' house. This year is the first year we live separately, so we decided to decorate the house for Tet. When friends and relatives come to visit, they can also take photos as souvenirs. I started decorating my house on December 23. I ordered miniatures and backgrounds online and then designed them myself. This year, my husband and I created decorative corners with traditional Tet style, to make the living space warmer."

As for Ms. Pham Thi Hanh (Ward 3, Tan An City), her family has one child, and the whole family has just renovated the house so that they can celebrate Tet joyfully and warmly. “I have a daughter, but she doesn't have many time off until Tet, so my husband and I often clean the house early. I also prepared some dry food for my husband during the holidays. When my daughter came home, we went together to buy flowers to decorate for Tet. After that, the whole family made some banh tet to both offer to grandparents and enjoy the flavor of Tet holiday" - Ms. Hanh said.

Caring for, improving and enhancing people's lives is the concern of the Party and State. This activity is increasingly carried out during the nation's Traditional Tet holiday in accordance with the province's guiding spirit of ensuring that every home and everyone can enjoy and welcome Tet.

Tet is an opportunity to rest, have fun as well as "renew energy" for a new year. So, the most important thing is to do what you love when Tet comes and spring comes. Some people choose to gather with family during Tet meals, or they will to go out and travel somewhere.

How to shop for Tet and decorate the house depends on each person's needs and conditions. Don't create "Tet pressure" for yourself. Because in the end, Tet holidays, Tet shopping, and how to spend Tet are each person's right to decide to feel the truly warm and happy Tet atmosphere.

Another year is gradually coming to an end, the Lunar New Year of the Dragon 2024 is coming very close. Everyone should leave behind the old year with its worries and fatigue to start the new year with good wishes!./.

By Nhu Nguyet - Translated by Q. Thien