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26/05/2020 - 20:59

Long An: Agricultural mechanization brings a lot of efficiencies

Agricultural mechanization in the province has been making positive changes, it contributes to the development of agricultural production towards high technology. This is a step to create a solid foundation for agriculture to ensure commodity production direction, successfully implement the goal of restructuring the agricultural sector associated with building a new and sustainable rural area.

Mechanization in agriculture brings a lot of efficiencies

Mechanization in agriculture brings a lot of efficiencies

Bringing a lot of efficiencies

In the past 10 years, the development of mechanization in agriculture has contributed to a dramatic transformation of agricultural production structure. According to Deputy Director of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) - Nguyen Chi Thien, promoting mechanization in agricultural production contributes to improving labor and crop productivity and promoting commodity production in the field of horticulture. Along with the access to science - technology, hi-tech science and systems of machinery and equipment, farmers are increasingly active, creative, change their minds, and towards sustainable production. The province has established specialized production areas, the key products associated with the formation of links from production to consumption of safe products such as specialized cultivation areas of vegetables, rice, dragon fruits, and so on.

Currently, for rice growing, the stages of soil preparation are 100 percent mechanized, harvesting over 98percent mainly by combine harvesters; grain drying over 70 percent of yield. The mechanization of production helps reduce costs for farmers. Mr. Nguyen Van Tiep has more than 30 years of experience in growing rice in Khanh Hung commune of Vinh Hung district, said: “In the past, rice farmers had to hire buffaloes and cows to plow the land. When harvesting, they hired people to cut, rent trucks, rice-collecting machines and so on is both expensive and wasteful. But now, the whole mechanization frees the farmer from labor. The district currently has tens of thousands of machines for agricultural production of all kinds. Rice growing is mechanized from soil preparation, sowing to harvest. When the rice is ripe, it only takes a call to get a combined harvester into the field to cut the rice, pack, collect, etc. Previously, it took 2-3 days to harvest 2-3 hectares of rice, but it now only takes a few hours to finish the harvest".

And Mr. Le Quang Dinh, living in Binh Thanh commune, Moc Hoa district, invested nearly 1 billion VND to own a versatile Kubota tractor to plow with a large capacity, which can be fitted with straw reeling, tractor and hauling machines, tillers, etc. Every season, he changes the function of the machine to suit the work. According to Mr. Dinh, mechanization in production brings a lot of efficiencies. Therefore, he boldly invested not only to serve his family but also to the people around him. Mr. Dinh shared: “Machinery investment has reduced a lot of time and costs in production. It takes just over an hour to harvest 1 hectare of rice by machine, and it takes all day to harvest manually. The mechanization and application of scientific and technical advances help to free labor, save costs, production time, improve agricultural quality, increase income on the same unit of cultivated area”.

Recently, the provincial agriculture sector cooperated with Green and Green Agriculture Co., Ltd. to perform unmanned spraying aircraft. This is a 4.0 technology product with reliability and 10 hectares per 8 hour spraying efficiency, 30 times higher than manual spraying and saving up to 90 percent of water; can spray on a wide area and complex terrain within a control range of 7,000 meters. The aircraft carries 10 liters of water, the spraying capacity reaches 2-3 hectares per hour.

In particular, using unmanned aircraft will be safe for users because there is no direct contact with toxic chemicals.

According to Mr. Thien, the scope of mechanization in the whole province is focusing mainly on production such as soil preparation and harvesting. However, for many crops, mechanization can still be promoted in some stages such as planting and tending to reduce labor and increase production efficiency. In order to export key products, the promotion of mechanization is very important, especially, it needs to focus on preliminary processing, preserving and processing. Therefore, producers need to change their minds, focus on diversifying forms of mechanization, to apply in accordance with each development stage of each crop.

Farmers use machines from sowing to harvesting rice

Farmers use machines from sowing to harvesting rice

Developing agriculture effectively

Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development - Nguyen Thanh Truyen said: “In recent years, the province's agricultural production, both in the field of cultivation and husbandry, has been developing effectively. In particular, agricultural production has developed towards high quality. The groundbreaking program on agricultural development with the application of high technology in association with restructuring the agricultural sector such as mechanization in production, reduction of sowing seeds, the use of certified seeds, bio-organic fertilizer, etc. to bring highly effective”. Specifically, the total rice area will reach 506,258 hectares in 2019, the annual rice output will be over 2,769 million tons, reaching 100.7 percent of the plan, of which, the high-quality rice yield is estimated at 1.37 million tons. Up to now, the province has over 15,075 hectares of hi-tech applications in production, reaching 75.38 percent of the plan, including 100 percent of the area using high-quality seeds and mechanization in production. The results from the pilot models show that the cost decreases compared to non-model models from 0.8-1.5 million VND per hectares, profits are higher than outside models from 2-4 million VND per hectare. Especially, the transplanted rice model associated with the consumption of rice seed, there are households with a higher profit than 6-8 million VND per hectare outside the model.

In addition, some farmers also use ultra-light intelligent aircraft in spraying pesticides on crops. Since 2013, the province has planned a high-quality rice production area for export rice processing with a cultivated area of more than 48,000 hectares in 25 communes of districts and towns of Dong Thap Muoi area. The objective of the program is to promote competitive advantages, improve production efficiency and increase income for people. Accordingly, rice farmers in the planning area have to sow seeds with high-quality certified varieties, applying the unified procedures of "1 must, 5 decrease", "3 decreases, 3 increases", and so on. It ensures 100 percent of the rice yield to be high-quality rice for export processing. Striving to 2020, the rice area in the planned region will produce towards VietGap.

During the implementation process, the province focused many resources to invest in irrigation infrastructure, traffic, construction and repair of electric pump stations, etc; at the same time, support to promote the use of certified rice seeds, build large fields, and so on. Thereby, it helps productivity and high quality rice output constantly increase. Besides, the province has promoted propaganda to raise awareness and change production practices of farmers; mobilize people to participate in cooperative groups and cooperatives to cooperate in the stages of the production process, applying scientific and technical advances to reduce investment costs and increase product value. In addition, the province also reorganized production towards forming concentrated commodity rice production areas, large fields, linking production-consumption along the value chain; create conditions for cooperative groups and cooperatives to operate effectively, etc".

“In the coming time, the province will concentrate on researching and widely applying advanced processes and techniques; At the same time, it promotes mechanization in agricultural, forestry and fishery production. In addition, the province is advocating to build a hi-tech agriculture zone to develop a hi-tech focused agricultural production area; well implementing the Scheme on developing agriculture and applying high technology in association with restructuring the agricultural sector of the province until 2020", - Mr. Truyen added./.

By Huynh Phong – Translated by Duc Tam