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16/03/2023 - 18:02

Long An High School for the gifted - province's leading school

Long An High School for the gifted is the "cradle" that trains many generations of excellent students, develop their talents in some subjects on the basis of ensuring comprehensive general education. This is also the "leading" school of the provincial education.

Students take the initiative in learning

In addition to the advantage of facilities, teaching equipment, quality teachers, Long An High School for the gifted also received gifted students from grade 10. Therefore, students are always active in learning, especially promoting the spirit of self - study and teamwork. Many good and attractive presentations in subjects are products from effective group activities of students.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Nguyen - English teacher, said: “Most students are self -conscious, dynamic and have high self - study ability. When assigning students or learning projects, they are interested in and complete them with their creativity. Above all, they know how to operate effectively, make a plan, divide the task and keep the spirit of solidarity when operating together. These factors are essential for children to grow and work ”.

Most members of the provincial national excellent student team are from Long An High School for the gifted

With that learning spirit, Ms. Kim Nguyen always promotes the initiative and creativity of students through the design and organization of a variety of activities in class. In addition, she trains them to have self - study spirit, actively participate in group activities in the form of learning projects to create a comfortable learning environment, develop independently and confidently, etc to be more suitable for the current trend as well as the orientation of the 2018 general education program.

Le Nguyen Dang Khoi - student of 12T1 class, shared: “I always set goals in learning to improve the efficiency of promoting my capacity. My learning method is to focus on mastering the theory and doing many exercises. I watch carefully and try to master the lecture of teachers, then do homework related to that knowledge. In addition, I also find more advanced documents about that content or other knowledge from the Internet or seniors. ”

Affirming quality

With the advantages, the quality of education of Long An High School for the gifted is gradually improved. Good students account for over 93% and students pass the university according to the first aspiration reached over 90%. In recent years, the number of excellent students at the provincial and national level increases. In particular, in the school year 2021-2022, the school had 12 students who won national excellent students prize (1 second prize, 3 third prizes and 8 consolation prizes) and received certificates of merit from the Provincial People's Committee. In the school year 2022-2023, the school has 9 students who won the national excellent student prize (3 third prizes and 6 consolation prizes). Dinh Thi Xuan Quynh - a 12H student, confessed: "Winning the National Excellent Student Consolation Prize in the 2021-2022 school year is a "milestone" in my learning process. In this school year, I will continue to work hard as well as conquer the dream of working in the economy sector. ”

In addition, students of the school also actively participate in the exams of other movement prizes organized by all levels and branches and bring back many awards such as the creative contest of youths, teenagers and children; the Youth learned and followed Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style contest in 2021; Reading Cultural Ambassador; Young Informatics; Southern Math Olympiad; Southern Physics Olympiad; Southern Chemical Olympiad 2; Online 30/4 English Olympic; etc.

Long An High School for the gifted is gradually asserting the quality of education

The school continues to set out strategies to increasingly affirming its brand. According to the principal - Dam Van Tuyen, the school continues to develop as the leading school of the provincial education on education quality, development of teachers and facilities quality; implement the 2018 general education program for grade 10 and prepared conditions to organize the implementation of the 2018 general education program for the next years. The school focuses on building of a team of highly specialized and solidarity teachers, always creating, innovating, meeting working requirements at specialized schools and educational innovation tasks. At the same time, the school advises all levels to develop development strategies, mechanisms and policies for teachers, staff and students; invest in additional facilities, modern equipment, meeting teaching activities, scientific research of students as the motivation to develop specialized school.

Long An High School for the gifted has increasingly affirmed the quality of education, contributing to the training of talents, meeting the development requirements of the province in particular and the country in general./.

By An Nhien - Translated by Q. Thien