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07/11/2020 - 07:22

Promoting the role of Trade Unions in dialogue business

Over the past time, the Trade Union has played a very important role in all dialogues to protect the legal rights and interests of employees.

Trade Union officers must always be a "bridge" in all activities

Since the 2020 Lunar New Year up to now, businesses in the province in particular and the country in general have faced 2 outbreaks of Covid-19. According to incomplete statistics, the production and business activities of thousands of enterprises have been seriously affected. The above situation has posed a very difficult task for trade unions at all levels; that is to have a dialogue with employers to protect the interests of union members, workers who have been severely affected by epidemics.

Chairman of the Provincial Confederation of Labor - Nguyen Van Qui said that in order to achieve good results in the dialogue, trade union officials should be close to grasping the production and business situation of enterprises and the implementation of and policies for employees to promptly coordinate and resolve problems. In addition, they should have close contact with members and workers; promote the role of the collective in dialogue and negotiation; strengthen the propaganda of the law, especially the 2019 Labor Code for both employees and employers so that employees can protect themselves before being protected by the trade union. Trade unions at all levels should strengthen support and advice to grassroots trade union officials on negotiation processes and skills, focusing on employee-related policies such as wages, bonuses, insurance, working time, etc.

Promoting the role of Trade Unions in dialogue business

They should talk directly with the business owners; request enterprises and encourage their employees to comply with the regulations on employment and wages well during the time affected by the Covid-19 epidemic; in the case of enterprises facing many difficulties, it is difficult for trade union officials to choose which employees to keep working, postpone the labor contract, take unpaid leave, terminate labor contracts and other policies and benefits. The Chairman of Trade Union of JiaHsin - Lam Cam Ha Co., Ltd. said: "The unionist always wants to become a "bridge "between enterprises and employees to contribute to the development of the enterprise and improving workers' lives.

According to Chairman of Trade Union at ChingLuh Vietnam Footwear Co., Ltd - Nguyen Van Khai: “The dialogue at enterprises, especially foreign ones, has a direct impact on labor relations in enterprises during the difficult period due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Despite the difficulties, many businesses still accept the proposals of the grassroots Trade Union to minimize the situation of layoffs".

If there is a conflict between the employer and the employee, it must be settled by dialogue and collective negotiation first. This is an approach aimed at improving working conditions, increasing the income and living standards of the workers. The dialogue, negotiation and signing of collective labor agreements to provide favorable conditions for employees, etc. These things require the union to constantly improve its role in the dialogue and unscheduled negotiation to resolve urgent issues./.

By Song Hong - Translated by Pham Ngan