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30/06/2024 - 17:00

Long An plans to implement 7 social housing projects in 2024

Localities in Long An province are planning for concentrated social housing areas with a scale of 16 projects.

To date, Long An has had 7 social housing projects for workers and low-income people.

According to the Provincial People's Committee, implementing social housing development policies, recently the province has deployed, completed and put into use 7 social housing projects for workers and low-income people with total land size of about 5.41 hectares with 1,884 houses for about 8,000 people.

There are currently 7 projects expected to start construction in 2024, with a scale of 8.36 hectares and 4,550 units. There are 24 social housing projects belonging to the 20% land fund in commercial housing projects, with a scale of 201 hectares, 50,835 units.

In addition, the districts have planned land funds for concentrated social housing areas with a scale of 16 projects, 131.2 hectares, 22,868 units.

Currently, the Department of Construction is completing the project to develop social housing for workers in the period up to 2025, with a vision to 2030, striving to invest in completing 71,250 units to ensure the social housing needs of the province and the targets assigned by the Government.

Bank for Social Policies, Long An Branch, has deployed loans for the social housing program. Currently, it has supported low-income people to build, renovate and repair 19 houses to live in, the total outstanding debt reaches more than 6.1 billion VND.

Therefore, to ensure the social housing targets assigned by the Government, the Department of Construction recently proposed that the Provincial People's Committee direct investors of ongoing projects to ensure that they are on schedule and promptly complete legal procedures to deploy social housing on schedule.

In case investors delay completing procedures for implementing social housing projects, it is recommended to consider withdrawing 20% ​​of the residential land fund to select another investor in accordance with housing laws.

The Department of Construction also proposed that the Provincial People's Committee direct the district-level People's Committee to focus on reviewing all approved planning projects to review the arrangement of social housing according to regulations and social housing needs of each locality. With new planning projects on urban planning, land use plans, and development planning of industrial zones and clusters, land funds must be allocated for social housing construction, in particular, determining specifically the location, scale, and land area of ​​each housing construction project with synchronous technical and social infrastructure systems to develop social housing according to the regulations.

Localities must urgently complete legal procedures to submit investment policies for social housing projects according to the proposed schedule to organize bidding to select investors in accordance with regulations; support investors to overcome difficulties, especially site clearance.

In addition, the Department of Construction also proposed that the Provincial People's Committee direct provincial departments and branches to well implement tasks and solutions according to decentralization authority and guidance; support for investors to overcome difficulties and obstacles during the implementation process; support to speed up investment procedures related to social housing projects in the province./.

By Le Duc - Translated by Q. Thien