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29/10/2020 - 04:20

Scheme on sending employees to work abroad launched

Implementing the Scheme on sending employees to work abroad (referred to as Scheme) in the period 2020 - 2025, Long An province is ready for all conditions, as long as the Covid-19 epidemic is under control. When flights are restarted, employees will be allowed to work abroad.

From 2021-2025, each year, the province strives to bring 1,000 or more employees to work abroad

From 2021-2025, each year, the province strives to bring 1,000 or more employees to work abroad

Promoting propaganda

One of the three breakthrough programs of the XI Provincial Party Congress, term 2020-2025 is Human Resource Training to meet the needs of industrial and agricultural development of the province. Accordingly, Scheme on sending employees to work abroad is an opportunity to train and improve the quality of human resources, contributing to completing the breakthrough program. And after the Scheme was approved, many conferences and consultation sessions were deployed quickly and promptly from province to grassroots level. Up to now, districts and town have completed the deployment of the Scheme.

The content for implementing the Scheme includes: Benefits of participating in working abroad; Companies and reputable businesses have the function of sending employees to work abroad; the province's loan policies to support employees working abroad; conditions for getting loans, interest rates, payment methods; the labor market has a stable income and high welfare; salary levels, industry needs, jobs the labor market needs; etc.

Head of of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs of Tan Hung district - Vo Hong Thai said: “Previously, the Division had not identified reputable companies that had the function of sending employees abroad, so they did not promote transmission. Since the Division participated in the province's Scheme implementation conference, the department bravely organized many consultation sessions, including inviting some companies for which the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs has assessed the legal status to bring employees to go to work abroad. After consulting, the Division has received information that there are more than 10 employees applying for registration to work abroad; At the same time, many people come to the commune to find out information about loan procedures and policies. This is a good sign, affirming Tan Hung has a lot of potential to send employees to work abroad”.

As a bridge between enterprises and employees, since the Scheme was passed, Long An Center for Job Service has coordinated with 9 enterprises having function of sending workers abroad (out of 12 enterprises participating in the Scheme) organized over 30 counseling and recruitment of workers, with more than 7,000 attendees in many different subjects such as high school students, union members, youth, employees participating in the Job Exchange, etc.

Vice Rector in charge of Long An Economic - Technical Middle School - Pham Thi Trinh confided: “At the graduation ceremony, the school coordinated with Long An Center for Job Service to organize a job festival for pupils and students. Here, they can choose to work both at home and abroad with high wages. However, the school's orientation still focuses on creating conditions for students to participate in foreign work, because this is an opportunity to practice vocational skills, working style, especially when returning home the opportunity to work as a manager very high in foreign companies”.

With the efforts and efforts of all levels, sectors, and real life, people understand that the benefits of going to work abroad are increasing income and training high-quality human resources for their homeland. 

Creating the most favorable conditions

Not only interested in promoting propaganda, the Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs sector also actively looks for quality foreign labor markets, especially creating all conditions for employees wishing to go to work. Foreigners are equipped with the necessary skills and labor locally instead of going to Ho Chi Minh City to study costly and time. Specifically, Long An College and ESUHAI Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement. Accordingly, Long An College will create conditions for ESUHAI Co., Ltd to borrow facilities to open Japanese language training classes, Japanese cultural training and set up consulting offices to send employees abroad to work in Long An.

Pupils and students of Long An College are consulted about sending employees abroad

Pupils and students of Long An College are consulted about sending employees abroad

After setting up consulting office, ESUHAI Co., Ltd. cooperated with Long An College to organize counseling for 4,000 pupils and students in affiliated facilities. Up to now, the company has more than 500 pupils and students registered to study short and long-term Japanese classes, of which 4 students have joined the internship class to work in Japan. This confirms that the Scheme initially brought many remarkable results. Nguyen Anh Khoa (a trainee) shared: “It is expected that in March 2021, I will graduate from Automobile Technology at Long An College - Main Campus. Currently, I both work as an apprentice and trainee to prepare conditions for working abroad. I decided to work abroad because I wanted to have a stable income, take care of the family economy and practice vocational skills. After returning home, I opened a small establishment or went to work in a foreign company in Vietnam”.

Besides the results, the implementation and performance of Scheme in the province still has many difficulties: Some localities have not paid attention to implementing the Scheme; Most parents are afraid of letting their children work away from home; Many people do not fully understand the benefits, significance and effectiveness of the Scheme; The Covid-19 epidemic has not been controlled, so going to work abroad will affect health and life; etc.

The staff of ESUHAI Co., Ltd.'s instructs the trainees of Long An College about Japanese culture and communication method

The staff of ESUHAI Co., Ltd.'s instructs the trainees of Long An College about Japanese culture and communication method

Identifying these difficulties, Deputy Director of the Department of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs - Nguyen Dai Tanh said: “In the coming time, the Department will coordinate with ESUHAI Co., Ltd. to organize the Seminar on Training Human Resources through the program on selecting - training and sending employees from Long An province to Japan to work, taking experience and then returning to develop their homeland, in which they will meet with Long An employees who are participating in the program at the company. ESUHAI Co. Ltd., will invite representatives of leaders of departments, agencies, provincial unions, leaders of People's Committees of districts, towns and cities to attend the event. Through the workshop, the delegates will implement and orient propaganda in the locality, contributing to the effective realization of Decision No. 470/QD-UBND, dated February 18, 2020 of the Provincial People's Committee on promulgation. The Scheme on sending employees to work abroad under a contract in the period 2020-2025 meeting the set plan and targets. At the same time, the Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs sector continues to steer the communication and consultation orientation with various diversified forms; coordinating with the Social Policy Bank to create favorable conditions for employees to borrow credit capital to participate in working abroad, etc.”.

After the implementation of Scheme, the province has made many important preparatory steps to launch Scheme. It is believed that, with the above efforts, the province will soon complete the proposed plan.

Under the Scheme, workers participating in foreign work belonging to the following 2 groups are eligible for loans: Group 1, workers are from ethnic minorities, people of poor, near-poor households or households suffering from recovery of agricultural land, relatives of people with meritorious service to the revolution; Group 2, workers are soldiers, police officers, discharged from the army and workers are in economically disadvantaged households, are commented and confirmed by commune-level People's Committees.

The maximum loan level is equal to 100 percent of the cost of going to work abroad under the contract signed between the employee and the enterprise sending the workers abroad, but not exceeding 150 million VND. The lending interest rate for group 1 is equal to the lending interest rate for poor households regulated by the Government from time to time; Group 2 lending interest rate is equal to 130 percent of loan interest rate for group 1. The term of loan for working abroad under contract does not exceed the period of working abroad of the employees specified in the contract. Contract signed between the employee and the enterprise sending the workers to work abroad.

The goal of the project, from 2021-2025, every year, the province strives to bring 1,000 or more employees to work abroad. Particularly in 2020, the province will bring 500 employees to work abroad./.

By Kim Ngoc – Translated by Duc Tam