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04/02/2022 - 12:59

Moc Hoa invests in traffic, creates momentum for socio-economic development

Identifying traffic as an important "key" to promote socio-economic development, Moc Hoa district has implemented many investment projects to build, upgrade, renovate and expand roads in a synchronous direction, connecting with other localities in the region.

With the support of former State President - Truong Tan Sang, many rural bridges in the district were built solidly, creating favorable conditions for people to travel and transport goods (Illustrative photo)

With the support of former State President - Truong Tan Sang, many rural bridges in the district were built solidly, creating favorable conditions for people to travel and transport goods (Illustrative photo)

Roads are opened for development

Remember the first time after being separated and established a new district in 2013, most of the roads in Moc Hoa were red gravel roads, they were dusty in the dry season and were muddy in the rainy season, the traffic bridges were temporary, small and narrow, it was extremely difficult to travel. In many places, people still travel by boat and canoe mainly. In recent years, with the attention and investment of the Central Government and the province, the district has taken advantage of many resources to speed up the progress of works, especially in traffic, making the local face change clearly.

Up to now, 6 out of 7 communes and towns of the district have asphalt roads to the center, especially Binh Thanh commune is still a red gravel road. However, at the end of 2020, the district started construction of the Binh Hoa Dong - Binh Thanh road project to the border patrol road with a total length of over 10.7 kilometers, road bed width 9 meters, road surface 7 meters, with an investment of nearly 50 billion VND (province budget supports the project up to 41.5 billion VND, the rest is district budget). This project is expected to be completed in 2022.

Also in 2020, the district started to upgrade the road to the Binh Phong Thanh - Binh Thanh border (phase 2) with a total length of nearly 4 kilometers. In this phase 2, the road is invested nearly 25 billion VND, the road surface design is 5.5 meters wide, with 2 layers of standard asphalt. This is one of the main traffic axes, connecting the center of Binh Phong Thanh townlet with the border patrol road. Not only is it meaningful for socio-economic development, but the project also creates a continuous defense position on the border of the province.

Recently, the district continued to start the project of a traffic backbone connecting National Highway (NH) 62 to the inter-district road Moc Hoa - Thanh Hoa. It is known that this is the project selected for construction to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the district (2013-2023). Chairman of Moc Hoa District People's Committee - Nguyen Van Minh informed that the project is invested by the District People's Committee, with a total capital of nearly 224 billion VND, of which the central budget supports 150 billion VND, the rest capital is from provincial budget.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Minh, the traffic trunk road connecting NH 62 to the inter-district road Moc Hoa - Thanh Hoa, located in Tan Thanh commune, has a length of 6,245 meters, designed according to grade III road standards, with 2 lanes, the roadbed is 12 meters wide, the road surface is 7 meters wide. On the route will be built 2 reinforced concrete bridges and 5 sluices across the road to serve the needs of waterway traffic and agricultural production for people in the area.

“This is a key traffic project, a lifeline, of great significance to Moc Hoa district in general and Tan Thanh commune in particular. When the project is completed and put into use, it will form a connecting traffic route, better serving the needs of people traveling, transporting goods, agricultural products and agricultural materials, contributing to the development of the economy. society, ensuring national defense and security in the district and the region," Tan Thanh Commune Party Committee Secretary Ngo Thi Hong Thanh said excitedly.

The local roads "change their appearance"

Transport is a criterion that requires large investment capital in new-style rural construction (NRC). Therefore, in order to successfully implement the Resolution of the District Party Congress for the term 2020-2025, which is set out to maintain and improve the quality of a rural village, and strive to build a commune that meets rural cultural standards, the district gives priority to many investment resources for the development of the transport system; at the same time, it promotes propaganda, mobilizes the participation of the people with the motto "The State and the people work together".

Chairman of Binh Thanh Commune People's Committee - Le Cong Truong said: Up to now, the commune has achieved 15 out of 19 smart construction criteria, and 4 criteria have not been met, including traffic criteria. Currently, two commune trunk roads with a total length of 4.6 kilometers are paved and expected to be completed in 2022. Eight hamlet roads are 37.7 kilometers long and the main on-farm road has a total length of nearly 13 kilometers, the commune continues to be invested in upgrading, paving stones and solidifying according to new-style rural (NR) standards.

In order to achieve the goal of being recognized as a NR commune in 2023 and also to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the district, Binh Thanh commune mobilizes the participation of both the political system and the people in the implementation process. According to Mr. Le Cong Truong, through propaganda, most of the cadres, party members and people are happy and agree with the local policy, so they actively donate land, contribute money, participate with working days and supervise the construction of projects.

Going back to Binh Thanh these days, walking on sunny roads and breathing spring, we can feel the joy of each people when the face of the countryside is constantly renewed. Mr. Dinh Van Tau (Say Giang hamlet) expressed: “Thanks to NRC, the commune has made great progress. Roads, schools, medical stations, electricity and water for daily life and production are increasingly synchronous. People's lives are improved both materially and spiritually.

Traffic development creates a new look for Moc Hoa district

Traffic development creates a new look for Moc Hoa district

Information from the People's Committee of Moc Hoa district, over the past time, the district has received great attention from the former State President - Truong Tan Sang. He mobilized to support the district to build 22 rural traffic bridges, reinforced concrete structures, with a total cost of nearly 24 billion VND. In 2021, the district was mobilized to support 5 billion VND to build 5 more bridges and 1 sluice. Currently, 4 out of 5 bridges and culverts have been completed, and 1 project is behind schedule due to the influence of slow receding flood water.

In recent years, along with upgrading existing roads, the district has also invested in building new roads with larger scale and payload. For the term 2020-2025, the Congress of the District Party Committee has determined that the road connecting Canal axis II (the section from Provincial Road 817 to Dong Thap Muoi Pharmaceutical Development and Conservation Joint Stock Company) is one of two key important projects. Currently, the District People's Committee has completed the application for professional appraisal. When this project is completed, it will not only help people in the area travel by road, but also create a driving force to promote the district's eco-tourism development.

Saying goodbye the old year, Moc Hoa district welcomes the new year with much faith and hope. The selected transport projects and construction investment phases continue to make a breakthrough in appearance, promoting socio-economic development of the locality./.

By Hong Anh – Translated by Duc Tam