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03/08/2023 - 17:47

Speeding up budget collection and public investment capital disbursement

On August 3, Chairman of Long An Provincial People's Committee - Nguyen Van Ut chaired the July regular meeting to assess the socio-economic development situation in July and set out directions and tasks for the remaining months of 2023. Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Committee - Nguyen Minh Lam; Representatives of provincial and local departments and branches attended the meeting.

Long An's July 2023 Regular Meeting 

Accordingly, in July, the socio-economic situation continued to achieve many positive results in most fields. Agricultural production continues to be focused and closely directed; the province's key crops developed stably, the cultivated area increased; aquaculture continued to grow positive. Industrial production continued to recover; industrial production index increased over the previous month and the same period.

Public investment is drastically focused and directed, disbursement rate is quite high; 3 key projects and the Program on mobilizing resources to build a synchronous transport infrastructure system for industrial and urban development of the key economic region are focused on implementing and achieving the set progress. Trade - service continue to thrive; total retail sales of consumer goods and services in the month increased by 22.02% over the same period. In particular, the province has successfully organized the Conference to announce the Investment Planning and Promotion of Long An.

Besides the achieved results, the province's socio-economic situation in July still has some shortcomings and limitations: Export turnover still decreased sharply; compensation, support, resettlement and site clearance have not met the set requirements; budget collection is lower than the same period; hand - foot - mouth diseases, chickenpox, tuberculosis and HIV increased sharply; The situation of social security, order and safety is sometimes complicated.

Chairman of Provincial People's Committee - Nguyen Van Ut speaks at the meeting

Speaking at the meeting, Chairman of Provincial People's Committee - Nguyen Van Ut asked departments, branches and localities to focus on preventing and controlling diseases on plants and animals; review and speed up the new rural construction progress; focus on implementing the High-tech Agricultural Development Program in association with the restructuring of the Agriculture sector.

In addition, departments, branches and localities should focus on leading and directing the effective implementation of compensation, site clearance and resettlement; accelerate the progress of budget collection; focus on disbursing public investment capital; strengthen the implementation of the plan to improve the business environment, raise the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI); improve the efficiency of Public Administration Reform Index (PAR) and the Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI).

In addition, departments, branches and localities need to proactively prevent dangerous human diseases; conduct bidding for drugs, purchase medical equipment and supplies, meeting people's medical examination and treatment requirements. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to preparing well for the opening of new school year./.

By Staffs - Translated by Q. Thien