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28/10/2020 - 16:01

Vinh Hung: Cultural external affairs well performed

Over the past time, cultural external affairs in Vinh Hung district of Long An province have been deployed synchronously such as effectively organizing many visual propaganda activities; cultural - art, gymnastics - sports exchanges; friendship relations, exchanges and cooperation have been increasingly expanded, etc. Thereby, it contributes to maintaining political security, social order and safety on border lines, promoting the local socio-economic development.

Cultural and sports exchanges with border districts of the Kingdom of Cambodia

Cultural and sports exchanges with border districts of the Kingdom of Cambodia

Vice Chairman of Vinh Hung District People's Committee - Nguyen Tuan Anh said: “Implementing Decision No. 210/QD-TTg, dated February 8, 2015 of the Prime Minister on approving Vietnam's external cultural strategy. By 2020 and the vision to 2030, the District People's Committee will deploy the content of decisions to agencies, departments, sectors, district unions, People's Committees of communes and townlet and issue guiding documents related to the field. external culture”.

The branches and units that are members of the District External Information Steering Committee have organized many activities to connect and coordinate branches, agencies, units, communes and townlets to propagate and promote the image of district and connect with delegations and foreign organizations to exchange, cooperate and promote investment with the district. At the same time, branches and units that are members of the Steering Committee perform well the task of grasping social opinions, closely monitoring the situation of ideology of officials, party members and people to promptly orient public opinions, especially before sensitive and complex issues; fight against false information, misrepresent, sabotage the Party, the regime, divide the great block of national unity.

Every year, the district organizes training courses to foster professional skills in external information work; maintain regular briefings on external information work, briefings of public opinion to grasp the situation of ideology, public opinion and orient the work of timely and effective information and propaganda . The Party committees and local authorities have thoroughly organized and implemented effectively the Party's guidelines and guidelines, the State's policies and laws, thereby creating a positive change in awareness and concern. points of cadres, party members and people on external information work of the Party and State.

Meeting to celebrate the Party - to celebrate Spring with neighboring districts to strengthen solidarity relations

Meeting to celebrate the Party - to celebrate Spring with neighboring districts to strengthen solidarity relations

The exchange in all socio-economic and cultural aspects is regularly interested and implemented to promote peace, cooperation and development. In cultural exchange and international cooperation, the district has regularly promoted the visual propaganda, organized cultural-cultural exchange activities, physical training - sports and tourism to the neighbouring nation of Kingdom of Cambodia.

In addition, the district, provincial, domestic and international outstanding news, political and social situation has been regularly maintained through ideological work reports by the District Party Committee for Propaganda and Education posted monthly and quarterly on the district website, social networking groups, etc. The district website also fully and promptly reported major political events of the country, of the province and district, providing orientation information to people on major and important issues, especially the thorough understanding and implementing the programs and plans of the Provincial Party Committee and District Party Committee on the implementation of the town, central resolutions; propagating the contents of the National Assembly sessions, etc. The District Center of Culture - Information and Communications well performed the special topics for the sake of sovereignty, border security, broadcast every Thursday with the following topics: national border, foreign communication, demarcation, external exchange, etc.

In addition, the district regularly holds briefings and exchanges with forces in external affairs, information and propaganda forces such as the Office of Culture and Information; District Center for Culture - Information and Communications; District public security; border stations and border communes to properly promote propaganda about the international situation and Vietnam's foreign relations to people in the district and border areas.

Cultural exchanges are continued to promote with the neighbouring nation of the Kingdom of Cambodia

Cultural exchanges are continued to promote with the neighbouring nation of the Kingdom of Cambodia

In addition to the achieved results, over the past time, cultural external relations in Vinh Hung district still have a number of limitations such as cultural exchange activities, arts, physical training and sports between the people of the two sides of the border is not frequent; the coordination between the forces was not tight and timely, so the effectiveness of the propaganda was not high; Some localities and units are not fully aware of the importance of foreign affairs, forecasting the situation, advising and proposing propaganda measures on cultural external work are not deep; the contingent of staff with multiple jobs, with limitation of Khmer language proficiency, shortage of operating budget, etc.

According to Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh, in the coming time time, the district continues to deploy and implement Decision No. 210 of the Prime Minister; the promote the training and fostering of human resources for cultural foreign affairs; create favorable conditions for international organization, domestic and international cultural and tourism agencies to introduce the image of the land, culture, people, tourism in general and Vinh Hung district in particular.

At the same time, the district strengthens to grasp the situation, focuses on receiving and processing information, proactively propagating external relations, and orienting public opinions promptly; continue to promote propaganda on demarcation, landmark setting and border sovereignty, preserve friendship markers that have been built in order to build a border of peace, stability and mutual development; promote propaganda to all cadres, civil servants, public servants and people about the Party's guidlines, policies and laws of the State and the district on external culture, etc. /.

By Trung Kien – Translated by Duc Tam