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24/10/2021 - 00:27

Long An Agriculture Sector: Efforts to complete targets and tasks in 2021

Since the beginning of the year, the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic has greatly affected the production, transportation and consumption of agricultural products of people in the province. However, with the cooperation and efforts of the whole industry, the growth rate remains stable in the first 9 months of 2021. Promoting the achieved results, the provincial Agriculture sector continues to strive to fulfill the targets and tasks set out in 2021.

Actively adjust production plan

In the past 9 months, despite being affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, some agricultural products have faced many difficulties in consumption, but the province's agriculture sector has implemented many solutions, actively looking for new directions to create favorable conditions for agricultural production to develop.

According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD), in the first nine months of 2021, the situation of cultivation and husbandry in the province is relatively stable. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the export market was narrowed, and the domestic market was also affected. In addition, the price of agricultural materials and agricultural products is always fluctuating, the producers are uneasy to invest and expand production. The total area for crop restructuring in the first nine months of 2021 is 2,466 hectares, of which 1,434 hectares are converted to annual crops and 1,032 hectares for perennial crops.

The production plans are adjusted to create favorable conditions for agricultural production to develop

The production plans are adjusted to create favorable conditions for agricultural production to develop

In addition to the Covid-19 prevention and control, the province's agriculture sector also develops a plan for agricultural production to adapt to the new situation, especially from now to the end of 2021. Accordingly, the sector recommends the farmers to arrange production with a reasonable structure in terms of types and suitable areas, avoiding risks when consuming, in which it is necessary to pay attention to converting the area from other crops that are facing difficulties to plants that are easy to take care, preserve in a long time and easy to transport. Mr. Nguyen Tan Tho (Tan Hiep commune, Thanh Hoa district) is growing more than 2 hectares of seedless lemons. He said: “During the production process, I focus on the quality and safety of products for consumers. Instead of running after quantity and productivity like before, I focus on efficiency, know how to grasp the market, change the appropriate production model and bring profit on each crop."

According to the Head of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Thanh Hoa district - Nguyen Kinh Kha, in the remaining months of 2021, the district has adjusted its production plan to suit local conditions and market demand. In addition, the district's agriculture sector also mobilized farmers to switch to growing short-term crops to achieve higher economic efficiency. “In the coming time, the district's agriculture sector will strengthen the update of information and forecasts on the development of agricultural production and market prices for local people to actively produce. In addition, the district also encourages and supports people to associate with businesses, actively search for markets and ensure stable consumption"- Mr. Kha added.

In Tan Tru district, along with the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, farmers in the district are also urgently restoring agricultural production in the new situation. Up to now, farmers are overcoming difficulties, ensuring effective production of the Autumn-Winter rice crop 2021. Vice Chairman of Tan Tru District People's Committee - Ngo Tan Tai said: "Currently, in addition to focusing on prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic, the District People's Committee directs the Agriculture sector and localities in the district to continue implementing Program on agricultural development with high technology application in association with restructuring of the agricultural sector. At the same time, it consolidates farmers’ organizations; at the same time, strengthen communication and mobilization of farmers to participate in cooperative groups and production association groups to raise community awareness in production and consumption, this helps to reduce the cost of agricultural products, increase the competition and increase income for farmers”.

The Autumn-Winter crop 2021 and Winter-Spring crop 2021-2022 are focused on producing efficiently

The Autumn-Winter crop 2021 and Winter-Spring crop 2021-2022 are focused on producing efficiently 

The Dong Thap Muoi region of the province is considered a great rice field; At the same time, it is an area that contributes to the province's Agriculture sector to fulfill the target of rice output reaching over 2.7 million tons per year. Accordingly, in recent years, the Dong Thap Muoi region in particular and the province in general has received investment from all levels and sectors, from rural transport infrastructure, electric pumping stations to the transfer of science - technology and expand production linkage models with the aim of improving product quality and building high-quality rice areas.

In 2021, Tan Thanh district sowed 83,775 hectares, reaching 115.55 percent of the plan, equaling 105.11 percent over the same period in 2020, the harvested output reached 454,424 tons. However, the situation of "good season, bad price" is always the chorus, especially in the complicated situation of the epidemic. Faced with this situation, farmers actively changed their production practices and switched to planting high quality rice varieties such as OM 4900, OM 7347, Dai Thom 8, Nang Hoa 9, etc. Head of Agriculture and Rural Development Department of Tan Thanh district - Mai Van On information: “According to statistics, every year, the area planted to rice decreases because farmers switch to other crops with economic value.

The targets and tasks are made efforts to complete

According to the 2021 plan, the agriculture and rural development sector strives to achieve a growth rate of 1.5-2.0 percent of the whole sector. In which, rice production reached 2.7 million tons; there are 7 more communes meeting new-style rural standards and 7 communes achieving advanced new-style rural; add 2 more districts, city and town to meet the standards of new-style rural or complete the task of building new-style rural; the rate of households using hygienic water reached 99.3 percent; planting 1 million scattered trees of all kinds and 500 hectares of forest after exploitation, etc.

As a result, up to now, the industry's economic growth rate has reached over 3 percent, rice output has reached over 2.7 million tons; 12 communes have met the standards of new-style rural, 3 communes have achieved advanced new-style rural, Kien Tuong town is preparing documents to be recognized for completing the task of building new-style rural in 2020, Tan Tru district has basically completed the construction targets of new-style rural; planted over 1 million trees of all kinds; etc. Achieved the above results thanks to the direction, administration, drastic and timely participation of the provincial leaders, the efforts of all levels, branches and people and the business community as well as taking the advantages of the weather and the restructuring of the Agriculture sector.

Rice production in 9 months of 2021 reaches over 2.7 million tons

Rice production in 9 months of 2021 reaches over 2.7 million tons

Director of the DARD - Nguyen Thanh Truyen said: "Over the past time, due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the agricultural production situation of people in the province has faced many difficulties, especially in harvesting and consuming of agricultural products. Up to now, when the epidemic is basically under control, the provincial agriculture sector has developed a plan to restore production. Therefore, the industry will focus on some key tasks in the coming time, first of all, directing the effective protection and production of the Autumn-Winter crop 2021. Next, it focuses on developing production of the Winter-Spring crop 2021-2022 under the value chain, expand specialized cultivation areas to create safe crop products with high economic value and stable output. In the field of animal husbandry, it organizes the vaccination of cattle and poultry, implements the 2nd Sanitation and Disinfection and Decontamination Month, tries to control African swine fever, inflammatory skin diseases for not to let "epidemic after epidemic". It assesses and summarizes the situation of livestock in the localities, guide people to have a reasonable plan for re-herding, convenient consumption and ensure the supply of meat for the holidays and New Year's end of the year. In the field of aquatic products, the Department requires subordinate functional units to strengthen the management and warning of the environment and disease outbreaks in the farming area; instruct farmers on effective disease prevention and control measures”.

Along with the above solutions, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development also suggested the relevant units, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Economic Department of the localities to focus on implementing the Hi-tech Agricultural Development Program associated with the restructuring of the agricultural sector for the period 2021-2025.

With the solidarity and high determination of the whole industry, we believe that the province's Agriculture sector will complete the tasks and targets set out./.

By Staff – Translated by Duc Tam