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16/12/2019 - 09:16

Pork price continues rising

Currently, in markets of Long An province, pork price ranges from 90,000 to 120,000 VND per kilo, this price has reached the highest record ever since. However, the amount of pork and the purchasing power of consumers decreased significantly.

Pork price continues rising

Pork price continues rising

In the morning of December 15, it was recorded in the markets of Tan An city, pork meat costs 90,000 VND per kilo. Ms. Ngoc Thach - a pork trader in Ward 3 market of Tan An city, said: “At the moment, the pork price slightly increases over 9 million VND per quintal, the pork price "sharply increases" and makes purchasing power of consumers significantly reduce. If consumers used to buy 1 kilo in the past, they would buy about half a kilo now, and the business this year is not as good as before. The Lunar New Year is coming, the pork price will go up”.

Similarly, the pork trade in market of Ward 2, Tan An city is in a "gloomy" situation. According to the share of small traders, there has never been a difficult business like this year. At the time of the African swine fever epidemic, the pork price was cheap so people were afraid of buying it, pork consumption market plummeted, and the price presently increases too high, consumers were "scared" with spending too much money.

In Tan Tru district, from the beginning of the week, the price of pork in Binh Hoa market of Tan Tru town also continued to rise sharply, reaching the highest price in recent years. Specifically, the thigh meat is 100,000 VND per kilo, bacon is 110,000 VND per kilo, rib meat is 140,000 - 160,000 VND per kilo, shoulder meat is 110,000 VND per kilo, grinding meat is 95,000 VND per kilo, tenderloin meat is 120,000 VND per kilo and cutlet meat is 110,000 VND per kilo.

Mr. Le Huu Binh - owner of a cattle slaughtering establishment in Tan Tru district said that he delivers pork to small traders in the markets in the district about 100 pigs every day. 1 month ago, the price of live pigs was 65,000 VND per kilo, it now increases to 75,000 VND per kilo and there is no pigs to buy. The reason for the increasing scarcity of pork is the African swine fever causing great losses for the pigs. In addition, recently, many traders from the Northern provinces have flocked to pig farms in the South to gather goods, therefore, the pig price has been pushed up.

Pork supply also decreases significantly due to the African swine fever

Source of pork supply also decreases significantly due to the African swine fever

Generally, pork is a popular food in many families' meals, so when the price increases, consumers become carefully, they switch to other food instead.

Ms. Tran Thi Kim Loan - a small trader from Binh Hoa market of Tan Tru town said: “The pork price has never been so high like this. The rising pork price makes it more difficult to trade, she spends more money for capial than before, and consumers reduces their use of pork and switches to other foods”.

Ms. Pham Thi Hanh, living in Ward 3 of Tan An city, said: “Since the pork price has increased, my family has switched to using fish, chicken, ducks, etc. to ensure that the family meal is still nutritious, limit the incurred costs. However, sometimes I also use pork, but I buy less than before”.

Facing the above situation, it is hoped that functional agencies will soon have solutions to stabilize pork price in the coming time, especially when the New Year 2020 and Lunar New Year of Rat are coming./.

By staff – Translated by Duc Tam