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08/07/2024 - 16:14

Synchronize solutions to improve investment environment

Long An province always maximizes its potential and advantages in attracting investment with breakthrough strategies, focus and synchronous solutions to improve the investment environment to continue to be the safe, friendly, effective destination for businesses.

A safe, friendly and effective investment destination

According to Director of the Department of Planning and Investment - Truong Van Liep, the province has an extremely favorable geographical position in attracting investment as the gateway to the Mekong Delta region, bordering Ho Chi Minh City, connecting the East and the Southwest.

The province has a relatively large area of ​​industrial land that can be rented, along with a convenient sea and road infrastructure system, many national highways and expressways passing through the area, etc.

In recent times, the province has always focused on upgrading traffic routes to serve socio-economic development as well as attract investment.

The province continues to promote administrative reform, correct working practices to better serve people and businesses

With the viewpoint of "taking people and businesses as the center and serving subjects of the government; Enterprises are the driving force and resources of development", the province has many supportive policies, always committed to accompanying enterprises and investors with the most practical and effective actions; always open the door to welcome domestic and foreign investors.

In particular, after many efforts to recover the economy, improve the business investment environment, administrative reform, and synchronously implement support policies and remove difficulties for businesses, the Provincial Competitive Index (PCI) in 2023 of the province ranked 2nd/63 provinces and cities nationwide with 70.92 points, an increase of 2.47 points and of 8 places compared to 2022; The province's 2023 Provincial Green Index (PGI) increased 16 places and ranked 12th out of 63 provinces and cities nationwide. This is a great effort of the provincial leaders in balancing economic development with sustainable environmental protection and developing a green economy.

Representative of Thien Chi Saigon Company Limited specializing in manufacturing safes (Can Giuoc district) - Dang Dinh Hiep informed that his company carefully researched the environment and decided to invest in Long An. The company sees this as a reasonable and correct decision, because Long An has a healthy, safe, and effective investment environment.

During the operation process, problems or recommendations of businesses are promptly listened to by provincial and district leaders and solutions are deployed. The company wants the province to have more mechanisms and investments to further improve transportation infrastructure for connection and development.

Representative of Ching Luh Vietnam Shoes Co. Ltd. (Ben Luc district) - Cynthia Hsieh said: During the process of investing in Long An, the company found this to be a safe, friendly and effective place. Local authorities always support businesses during their operations, helping them feel secure in production and business.

The company wishes to continue to receive support from the province in attracting and developing high-quality human resources to expand, transform, and meet production and business requirements in the coming time.

Accompanying businesses is a real perspective, not just empty words but concrete actions. Provincial leaders always listen, support, and create favorable conditions for investors to learn and operate.

Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Nguyen Van Ut

Synchronizing solutions

According to the Provincial People's Committee, effectively exploiting competitive advantages, promoting the role of regional connectivity, upgrading infrastructure, administrative reform, innovating thinking and methods in investment promotion, proactively contacting and providing information to large, potential investors, digitizing and publicizing information documents about the province, etc are solutions that the province identifies as a strategic breakthrough to strongly improve the business investment environment, helping the province connect with domestic and foreign investors.

The province will focus on training to improve the quality of human resources to create competitive advantage in the province's long-term strategy

Inheriting the positive results achieved and identifying opportunities and challenges in the coming period, the province continues to maximize its potential and advantages in attracting investment with breakthrough and important strategies, synchronizing solutions to improve the investment environment to continue to be a safe, friendly and effective investment destination.

The province organizes the implementation of the action program to implement the Provincial Planning for the period 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050; effectively deploys investment promotion programs, strengthens coordination with central investment promotion agencies; develops plans and organizes receptions for foreign business delegations to explore investment opportunities in the province from the spillover effect of previous foreign investment promotion trips as well as invests in completing prepared infrastructure to receive investment.

In attracting investment, the province gives priority and selectivity with the goal of ensuring harmony between socio-economic development and environmental resource protection, associated with green economic development and circular economy; continues to implement solutions to improve the business environment, enhance the province's competitiveness, and ensure sustainability.

The Provincial People's Committee, departments, branches and localities regularly meet to listen and promptly solve problems of enterprises in the investment and business process (Photo: Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the People's Committee province-Nguyen Van Ut speaking at the dialogue with FDI enterprises in May 2024)

The Provincial People's Committee, departments, branches and localities regularly meet to listen and promptly solve problems of businesses in the investment and business process; organize thematic dialogue conferences between the provincial government and businesses to jointly discuss solutions to remove long-standing difficulties and problems, related to many sectors and levels. At the same time, this is also a forum for businesses to propose policies and solutions for socio-economic recovery and development.

On the other hand, the province increases the implementation of legal support activities for businesses; disseminate widely, fully and clearly information about the State's credit programs and policies, priority credit products and incentives so that businesses can understand and proactively approach.

The province drastically implements administrative reform, especially in the fields of investment, business registration, land, construction, and environment; promotes comprehensive digital transformation to contribute to improving the quality, openness and transparency in providing online public services to serve businesses and investors with increasingly better quality.

In addition, the province soon recognized the importance of regional connectivity, especially the role of developing transport infrastructure. Currently, the province focuses on allocating focused capital to transportation projects with pervasive and regional connectivity such as Ring Road 3, Ring Road 4 of Ho Chi Minh City, Provincial Road 830E, Provincial Road 823D, etc.

These projects will help remove traffic "bottlenecks", open up new development space, increase investment attraction, and reduce costs and time for investors, thereby opening up and connecting the province's development resources; creating advantages in long-term investment attraction strategies; helping businesses participate deeply and widely in the global value chain; developing an integrated, comprehensive and modern economy, promoting economic restructuring associated with innovating green growth models, improving productivity, quality and efficiency; developing the economy stably and sustainably./.

The work of promoting, attracting, and supporting investment continues to be strongly implemented, bringing positive results. Many large projects have been started, notably Pepsi, Thai Tuan, Aeon, etc. In the first 6 months of 2024, in terms of domestic investment, more than 900 new enterprises were established with a total capital of 7,930 billion VND, an increase of 34%. To date, in Long An there are more than 18,000 businesses registered to operate with a total registered capital of more than 379,711 billion VND. The province granted 16 new projects with a total capital of more than 2,800 billion VND; The entire province has 2,215 domestic investment projects with registered capital of more than 300,786 billion VND. Long An also granted 44 new FDI projects, an increase of 12 projects with newly granted capital of more than 226 million USD. Currently, there are 1,301 FDI projects in the province, with a total capital of more than 11.2 billion USD; of which 635 projects are in operation, with a capital of more than 4.2 billion USD.

By Thanh My - Translated by Q. Thien