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23/06/2020 - 11:16

Tan Tru: Efficiency from high-tech agriculture

High-tech agricultural production, associated with restructuring agricultural sector and towards clean production in Tan Tru district of Long An province in recent years, has brought positive results.

High-tech agricultural production in Tan Tru brings high economic efficiency and increases income for the people

High-tech agricultural production in Tan Tru brings high economic efficiency and increases income for the people

One of the breakthrough programs of the Resolution of Tan Tru district Party Congress for the term 2015-2020 is focusing on comprehensive, sustainable and effective agricultural development in the direction of increasing added value associated with constructing new-style rural. After implementing the project for restructuring agriculture, in which hi-tech agriculture has been oriented towards clean agriculture in production, Tan Tru achieved many results.

Many research projects have been replicated in the area, they contribute to changing the people’s production practice, help to save costs and increase profits. Since then, people are excited, confident and assured production. Mr. Nguyen Van Duc, living in hamlet 5, Binh Lang commune, said: “Since the locality has implemented the pilot production model, many models of organic rice production, in which farmers only use organic fertilizer and biological products, they do not use fertilizers and chemical drugs to produce products that meet the criteria of clean rice, so its price is higher than that outside the model”.

Since the implementation of the project up to now, the district has implemented 5 models of hi-tech rice production according to the "7-step" process of seed, production environment, care, harvest, preservation, processing and consumption in 5 communes: Que My Thanh, Lac Tan, Binh Lang, Binh Tinh and Duc Tan with a total area of 250 hectares; 2 models of biosafety vegetable growing in net house in Lac Tan commune; 4 models of planting dragon fruits in applying high technology (0.5 hectare per model), produced according to GAP standards in Duc Tan and Binh Tinh communes and expanding 36 hectares of dragon fruits using economical or small-sized sprinklered systems; support 9 out of 180 cows according to program targets. According to the assessment of the agriculture sector, implementing the model of hi-tech rice production gives an higher average yield of 200-300 kilos per hectare, but the cost is lower from 1-1.5 million VND per hectare, so the profit on average increasing 2 million VND per hectare higher than that outside the model, meeting market demands, helping farmers increase incomes and improving their lives. Many models of hi-tech agricultural production in Tan Tru have opened a new direction in economic development gradually forming concentrated commodity production areas, giving high productivity, quality and economic efficiency.

Hi-tech agricultural production is the right direction in the field of agricultural production today, this is an indispensable trend to improve productivity, yield, quality of crops and livestock, create safe products and quality. However, some localities in the district are strongly affected by climate change, drought, early saltwater intrusion causing shortages of fresh water for crops. In the coming time, the agricultural sector will continue to calculate and restructure production in the direction of a long-term strategy to cope with climate change, increase trade promotion to ensure product output and contribute to increasing incomes for people./.

By Song Hong – Translated by Duc Tam