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31/01/2023 - 14:26

Workers and employees return to work after Tet in excitement

Returning to work after Lunar New Year 2023 holiday, workers and employees excitedly participated in the company's New Year celebration activities. With that atmosphere, employees are determined to work hard, contributing to the company to complete the set targets.

Returning to work in excitement

As the work day coming close, websites, social networks, chat groups, ... of companies began to be lively with announcements of working time, New Year's greetings activities, New Year meeting appointments, etc. Welcoming employees back after the New Year holidays, the working atmosphere at companies is more cheerful and exciting than usual. Each company organized different activities with the same goal of motivating and encouraging the working spirit of employees.

Workers, laborers are determined to work hard from the beginning of the year

Over 6 years working at Texray Co., Ltd (Tan An City, Long An province), Mr. Nguyen Minh Hieu, a native of Dong Thap province, returned to work after the Tet holiday on time prescribed by the company. Minh Hieu shared: “I returned to Long An early to prepare for a favorable first working day of the year. The feeling of the first day back to work in new year is always special. Everyone is happy, eager on exchanging New Year greetings, encouraging each other to work harder to maintain jobs and stable incomes."

Texray Co., Ltd (Tan An City) resumed production after the New Year holiday on January 30, 2023 (9th day of Lunar New Year). On the first day of operation, the company prayed for a year of favorable development and good luck. Department managers also gave lucky money to employees. In addition, on February 2, the company will hold a New Year party to welcome all employees back to work.

100% of workers and employees of Texray Co., Ltd returned to work after the Lunar New Year holiday

“The New Year party is an opportunity for company leaders to meet, talk and capture the thoughts and aspirations of employees. This is also the reunion party of the company, helping employees stick together and work hard. On the first working day after Tet, most employees return to work, only a few apply for leave. However, the company is curently short of labor and needs to recruit about 100 workers” - Chairman of Trade Union of Texray Co., Ltd - Le Ngoc Diem said.

Before the official return to work, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Giau - Shilla Bags International Co., Ltd (Duc Hoa district) was eagerly looking forward to the first working day of the new year. On January 30, 2023, the company reopened after the Tet holiday, Ms. Ngoc Giau arrived earlier than usual. She confided: “On the first working day of new year, the working atmosphere is always comfortable and joyful. People also enjoy the Tet atmosphere with the company's New Year's meeting activities and lucky money. In addition, the Trade Union organized a lucky draw for lucky money at the beginning of the year and created an exciting atmosphere among employees. Although there is still a bit of attachment to Tet, but everyone are seriously working, quickly catching up with the general progress of the company."

Union of Shilla Bags International Co., Ltd. held a lucky draw on the first day back to work after Tet

New year resolutions

In the joyful and excited atmosphere on the first day of returning to work, employees are determined, make efforts, set goals in the new year to contribute to the development of the Company and maintain jobs and stable incomes.

The owner of many innovative initiatives applied to production activities, contributing to the benefit of the company - Mr. Pham Thanh Nhan, Technical - Maintenance Department of Sang Viet Production - Trading Joint Stock Company (Ben Luc District), continued to set goals and plans in the new year.

Thanh Nhan shared: “The company reopened on January 29, 2023. On the first day of returning to work, all employees received lucky money and participated in the New Year party. The atmosphere of first day back to work is cheerful and cozy. Everyone has their own goals and plans for the new year. Personally, as a technician - maintenance worker, assigned to maintain and repair factory equipment, I always try to explore, learn, and promote my creativity to apply in practice."

Employees of Sang Viet Production - Trading Joint Stock Company receive lucky money at the beginning of the new year

To achieve his goal, Mr. Thanh Nhan is determined to maintain self-study, learn more related documents and machines to apply to the implementation of initiative. In addition, Mr. Thanh Nhan will ask for the support of his colleagues to perfect his improvement initiative, contributing to improving the company's products.

International Trimmings & Labels Vietnam Co., Ltd (Can Giuoc district) will officially reopen on February 2, 2023. However, the company had urgent order, so some employees returned to work earlier than planned. Although returning to work early, everyone is enthusiastic to complete the company's orders.

According to President of the Trade Union of International Trimmings & Labels Vietnam Co., Ltd - Mai Thanh Vu, in 2023, the company set a output target of 162% compared to 2022. In order to successfully achieve that goal, in addition to efforts, the company also focuses on remuneration for employees, helping them have more motivation to contribute to the development of the company. Accordingly, from January 2023, the company increased salary from 5-12% for all employees; at the same time, increased the number of machines for production but did not increase the number of employees so that the current employees of the company can work overtime at least 40 hours/month.

The joyful and excited atmosphere on the first day of returning to work after the Tet holiday helps employees have more confidence and motivation to work hard, actively participate in contributing to the development of the Company. With that momentum, it is expected that in 2023, businesses will recover and develop more than the previous year./.

My family can participate in the "Zero Dong trip" of the Provincial Labor Federation to go home to celebrate Tet, so the cost is reduced somewhat. After the Tet holiday, I returned to work on time. I feel fortunate that the company and Trade Union care about us, especially to maintain a job and stable income."

Ms. Pham Thi Truc Dao - worker of ChingLuh Vietnam Shoes Co., Ltd (Ben Luc district)

On January 30, 2023, the company opened and returned to work after the Tet holiday, but I am from Kien Giang, so I returned to Long An one day early to rest and prepare well for work at the beginning of the year. In the new year, I will work hard to contribute to the development of the company."

Ms. Danh Thi Kim Luan - worker  of Simone Vietnam Handbag Co., Ltd (Can Giuoc district)

My company has a shortage of orders, so I have lost my job for many months now. On the Lunar New Year of the Cat 2023, I did not return to my hometown but stayed at the inn to celebrate Tet. These days, I research recruitment information of companies to apply for jobs. I hope to find a suitable job with a stable salary.”

Ms. Nguyen Thi Dang, living in Loi Binh Nhon commune, Tan An city

By An Nhien - Translated by Q. Thien