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02/10/2020 - 11:39

Congress expected with many innovations for provincial development

These days, the officials and people of the two border districts of Tan Hung and Vinh Hung are looking forward to the XIth Congress of the Long An Party Committee with many beliefs and expectations for a Congress with many innovations, continue to bring the province firmly to development.

People in Dong Thap Muoi region expect that the Congress should have many policies towards agriculture, farmers and rural in the next term

People in Dong Thap Muoi region expect that the Congress should have many policies towards agriculture, farmers and rural in the next term

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Vu Manh Ha - Secretary of Party Committee, Politician member of Long Khot Border Guard

We expect the Congress to elect the new members of the Executive Board who truly represent ethical qualities and working qualities, are capable of carrying out the responsibilities assigned by the Party, State and people; firstly implement the directions, goals and tasks set out by the Congress resolutions.

As border guards, I hope that the comrades of the new Executive Committee will continue to pay more attention to the military, defense and border missions; promote socio-economic development in the border area, contribute to maintaining political security, social order and safety, firmly protect territorial sovereignty and national border security.

Secretary of Tan Hung district Youth Union - Nguyen Cao Dang:

In the term 2015-2020, under the leadership of the Party, the Youth Union work and the youth movement of the province have achieved many practical results. Revolutionary action movements had positive changes, especially the promotion of movements and activities: Young people themselves start up their careers, start up their careers through many policies, capital support policies, scientific and technical support mechanisms and techniques for youth members to develop economy,  reduce poverty and join hands to build a new-style rural, etc.

In the term 2020-2025, I hope the Provincial Party Committee will continue to pay attention to the organization of the Youth Union in its activities, and at the same time believe and boldly assign tasks to the Youth Union, regularly care, monitor, inspect and help, create conditions for the youth members to be enthusiastic and confident to participate in political, socio-economic tasks of the localities and units to be trained, devoted and mature. At the same time, all levels and branches pay more attention to startup movements in the youth, especially start-ups to escape poverty, support capital for volunteers in economic development, etc.

Party Secretary of Hung Dien B commune, Tan Hung district - Ta Van Menh:

We are very excited by the attention of the Party and State in recent years, especially in remote and border areas such as investing in infrastructure construction, supporting production development. Thereby, this changes the face of rural areas and people's lives are improved both physically and mentally. I believe the XIth Congress of the Provincial Party Committee, term 2020-2025 will take place in a democratic atmosphere, promote collective intelligence, build comprehensive socio-economic development solutions. I hope that the delegates attending the Congress will raise their sense of responsibility. On behalf of the party members, the people will elect the new party committee who are intellectual, brave and enthusiastic staff; make the right and appropriate decisions for the leaders to successfully implement the proposed resolution.

In addition, the Congress also needs to discuss and propose solutions to well implement social security policies, pay more attention to infrastructure of border communes, especially the rural transport system.

Party Secretary cum Head of Hamlet 3, Vinh Binh commune, Vinh Hung district - Nguyen Chi Trai:

In recent years, agricultural production has had many advantages, all levels and branches have paid attention to transferring scientific and technical advances to people. However, farmers still face many difficulties such as weather, diseases causing harm in the production process, the situation of "good crop – bad price, good price – bad crop" is still recurring, the linkage 4 sides in the past has not been tight.

I expect that in the next term, the Congress should have many policies towards agriculture, farmers and rural areas. In particular, to increase the application of scientific and technical advances to production, especially the application of high technology in agricultural production, to replicate models on a large scale, to help farmers increase productivity and income on cultivated area, etc.

Chairman of the Vinh Hung district Farmers’ Association - Ho Van Bun:

Most of the people's economy in Dong Thap Muoi region depends mainly on agricultural production. The amount of goods in the crop is quite large. However, the arterial road of National Highway (NH) 62 leading to the districts and towns of Dong Thap Muoi region, invested and put into operation and used for a long time, is deteriorating, the small road does not meet the traffic needs travelling and transporting agricultural products, etc. The early investment and expansion of NH 62 is very necessary. We expect the Congress to study and pay more attention on this issue in order to create conditions to contribute to promoting the economic development of Dong Thap Muoi region.

Farmer Nguyen Van Phuc, Vinh Dai commune, Tan Hung district:

There has been a remarkable change in the electricity system, roads, schools and stations; The people's material and spiritual life has been significantly improved. In this Congress, we hope that the decisions of the Provincial Party Committee will be close to reality and come to life, meeting the demands and expectations of the people. Specifically, they continue to invest in building and perfecting the dike system so that people can be proactive in production, enhance the transfer of science - technology to the people, especially apply high technology in production, build cooperative groups and cooperatives to stabilize agricultural output./.

By Van Dat – Translated by Duc Tam