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26/02/2020 - 17:05

Duc Hoa: Industrial economy plays important role in local development

The industrial economy is increasingly occupying a high position in the economic structure of Duc Hoa district of Long An province, thereby it makes an important contribution to the local development.

Industrial parks and clusters in Duc Hoa district have created jobs for over 50,000 laborers

Industrial parks and clusters in Duc Hoa district have created jobs for over 50,000 laborers
Duc Hoa district is one of the key localities in the province's industrial development. Besides, the district has a very favorable position because it is adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City so there are many conditions for economic development, especially industrial economy.

In recent years, the district's economic structure has shifted towards industry-construction and increasingly plays an important role in the economy. It practically contributes to the economy, the state budget, creating many jobs, solving the problems of labor, employment, social security in the area. People's income has increased, their life has become more and more stable.

Mr. Tran Van Hung, living in My Hanh Bac commune of Duc Hoa district, said: “Our family has increased our income, our living standards have been improved since businesses had invested in the area. In the past, our family was mainly dependent on livestock. Now we are having a job as workers with a stable income of 6-8 million VND per month. The workers’ salary covers our expenses for daily life and our children’s school, we used to work very hard in the past, but were often in debt. In addition, we have some savings for our future".

Similarly, Ms. Tran Thi Hang Ny, living in Duc Lap Ha commune of Duc Hoa district, shared: “In the past, the family economy depended heavily on crops, peanuts, etc. The crops may be relatively precarious. In the past 3 years, the economy has been more stable thanks to the family's monthly workers’ salary in businesses in the area, so we have more money to cover daily expenses and significantly improve my life”.

Chairman of the People's Committee of Duc Hoa district - Tran Van Lanh informed that the economic structure of the district had tended to thrive in the field of industry - construction recently. The value of industrial production - construction is about 75,000 billion VND. The whole district currently has 10 industrial parks (7 in industrial parks in operation), 14 industrial clusters (6 industrial clusters in operation), attracting over 2,000 secondary investors to invest. The area of industrial land is over 6,200 hectares. Industry not only contributes significantly to the economic structure but also creates jobs, solves labor problems, social security programs in the area, and so on which contributes to promoting the local development. 

However, the industrial development in the district still faces certain difficulties and limitations. The district has set the direction to focus on maintaining and improving the average annual growth rate of production value; continue coordinating to remove difficulties in the work of ground clearance for industrial development; strictly manage industrial and small-scale industrial production establishments located outside industrial parks and complexes to ensure proper operation of permitted industries and environmental sanitation.

“The district creates conditions for development linkages among industrial parks and complexes in the industrial development chain, proceeding to form specialized or leading domains for each industrial park or cluster. With a vision to 2030, it is expected that industrial and small-industrial parks and clusters planned for the period 2016-2020 will be filled; In the area, it is likely to develop 3-4 new industrial parks and clusters towards inter-branch industrial clusters with the occupancy rate of 50-60 percent. It is believed that the socio-economic district of the district continues to develop stronger in the coming time and on the right direction of industrial economy occupies a high position in the economic structure of the district”, Mr. Tran Van Lanh added./.

By Thanh My – Translated by Duc Tam