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14/11/2020 - 05:37

Start-up business with green germs for hope

After a trip to the Southern provinces to do volunteer work inspired the idea for Mr. Nguyen Quoc Vu to do start-up business in Long An with the desire to work with farmers in cultivating medicinal cajeput such as tea cajeput and five-ribbed cajeput to make natural cajeput oils that have a special characteristic of this homeland.

A start-up business from natural cajeput oil

Director of Pure Trading-Producing Company (Hamlet 3, Tan Long Commune, Thu Thua District) - Nguyen Quoc Vu is from the Central region, in recent years, he initially successfully started his career when he chose to produce cajeput oils from certain natural products. Mr. Quoc Vu shared that he worked as an employee for many businesses specializing in the distribution of products related to people's health care after graduating from university, including cajeput oil. His desire is to own his career. So, he started to build a plant for producing cajeput oil in Quang Tri in 2016, creating 35 liters of cajeput oil per day. The product is well received by the market. However, raw materials for production of cajeput oil in Quang Tri are declining.

Factory producing Pure cajeput oil

Factory producing Pure cajeput oil 

During a volunteer program in the Southern provinces through districts in Thu Thua district, Moc Hoa, Kien Tuong town, and so on, Mr. Quoc Vu saw a lot of cajeput gardens. This is a very potential source of raw materials for producing cajeput oil is in shortage.

Anh Quoc Vu shared: “During the process of volunteering in groups, I could not stop the car to find out. After the trip, I decided to return to Long An on the old roads and learn from the local people. "As glad as catching gold" because this is the source of raw materials that I am looking for for production.

So the idea of starting a business in Long An was quickly promoted by him, establishing Pure Company which specializes in producing and processing essential oils such as melaleuca, lemongrass, oranges, etc. The factory has production lines including production lines pouring production line, packaging production line with the finished capacity of 105kg of essential oils per day and night. The factory is invested in a production line of about 12 billion VND, which is eligible for the production of essential oils and cosmetics.

Green germs for hope

Mr. Quoc Vu said, to produce 105kg of cajeput oil, it is necessary to have about 30 tons of cajeput leaf material, other similar products. If you do not focus on production development, only focus on exploitation, it will easily deplete raw materials. Through the experiment, in addition to the existing Long An cajeput, this land is also suitable for the development of other types of economic value such as tea cajeput and five-ribbed cajeput. These 2 types of cajeput when producing cajeput oils have very good quality, can serve the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. So he continued to learn, get acquainted and persuade some people near the factory to grow material cajeput.

At the end of October 2020, Pure Company launched and instructed farmers to grow medicinal cajeput. Accordingly, this phase, the company gave people to plant 12,000 tea cajeput trees and 2,000 five-ribbed cajeput trees. These are two precious medicinal plants, and this cajeput oil product market is widely used at home and abroad. In the coming time, the company will continue to mobilize farmers to plant tea cajeput and five-ribbed cajeput to provide raw materials for production. At the same time, the company will cooperate through supporting 10-20 percent of the initial investment cost. In addition to seeding cajeput, Mr. Quoc Vu also provides technical guidance and advice on planting beds so that they can be mechanized into harvesting, labor reduction, and cost reduction. His wish is to develop an area of growing medicinal cajeput from 100-150 hectares.

Products of Pure cajeput oil

Products of Pure cajeput oil 

Ms. Nguyen Thi Xanh, living in Hamlet 3, Binh Hoa Nam Commune, Duc Hue District, has 3.5 hectares of cajuput. Recently, Ms. Xanh cooperated with Pure Company to experiment with planting 1 hectare of tea cajeput. According to Ms. Xanh, the current output of cajeput poles production is quite volatile, the price is low. For this reason, besides Ms. Xanh, many other households also want to convert other crops and look forward to cooperating with Pure Company.

Mr. Quoc Vu brings his idea of planting tea cajeput, five-ribbed cajeput and producing cajeput oils from nature with the name "Pure - Vietnamese cajeput oil to the Vietnamese" in the 11th contest "Creative startup ideas" in Long An province 2020 and won consolation prize. Deputy Director of the Department of Science and Technology - Ho Thi Diep Thuy said that the start-up project of Mr. Quoc Vu and Pure Factory shows the spirit of dare to think and dare to do. The idea of growing medicinal cajeput to replace cajeput poles or growing in wasteland hopes for economic efficiency, and the growers have a stable income. In addition to the purpose of producing essential oils for Vietnamese people, Mr. Quoc Vu also wants to bring cajeput oils to export to countries in need.

Director of the Institute of Economics and Management of Ho Chi Minh City - Tran Quang Thang shared that cajeput oils produced from medicinal herbs are currently being widely used in the production of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, functional foods, so on and the supply market is in short supply. Previously, Vietnam was one of the countries exporting cajeput oils to the world. In 1995, Vietnam exported cajeput oil to the world to reach 4,500 tons, but this time only exported about 200 tons. With the project of producing cajeput oil and launching the medicinal cajeput farmers of Mr. Quoc Vu, it is like "a green germ for hope", contributing to the recovery of the essential oil production of Vietnam and returning to "war" in the world market.

Currently, Pure Company factory in Thu Thua has started to produce cajeput oils from lemongrass, oranges, and so on. The products of Pure Company are providing to many retailers such as Phamarcity, Vinmart +, Concung, Kidsplaza, Tiki, Lazada, etc. In addition to producing medicinal cajeput oils, Mr. Quoc Vu is planning to produce incense from lemongrass and cajeput and develop it into a typical product of Long An./.

By Mai Huong – Translated by Duc Tam