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21/08/2021 - 12:42

Towards building and developing e-government

In recent years, Long An has been one of the leading localities in administrative reform in the Mekong River Delta region. This result was thanks to the locality promoting the application of information technology (IT) in handling administrative procedures, aiming to build and develop e-government and digital government.

Up to now, the Provincial Public Service Portal has ensured to serve the reception and transfer administrative procedures in the network environment

Up to now, the Provincial Public Service Portal has ensured to serve the reception and transfer administrative procedures in the network environment

In recent years, the IT application in state agencies has been paid attention to by the province for investment, deep and extensive deployment, creating an important change in both awareness and action. Thereby, it contributes to promoting the reform of administrative procedures, improving the quality of job settlement and making a significant contribution to the socio-economic development, national defense and security.

Deputy Director of Department of Home Affairs - Tran Ky Duc 

Dossiers are solved in the network environment

Up to now, 100 percent of agencies and units in the province use document management software and intranet to exchange work; 100 percent of provincial departments, branches and district-level People's Committees have an electronic information page integrated into the provincial portal to operate stably and smoothly. The one-stop electronic system is deployed and used synchronously to departments, branches and 100 percent of People's Committees of districts and communes. Thereby, it serves well the receipt, transfering, processing, monitoring and publication of the status of administrative dossiers in the network environment.

Deputy Director of the Department of Home Affairs - Tran Ky Duc said: “Over the past time, the province paid attention to directing and promoting the IT application in the activities of state agencies, developing digital government and ensuring network information security; deploying items of standardization and creation of business household information data in the area; etc. Thanks to that, up to now, the rate of electronic document exchange between state agencies has reached nearly 100 percent; the rate of exchanging electronic documents with digital signatures is over 99 percent; the rate of dossiers solving on time on the electronic one-stop system reached 99 percent and the rate of using e-mail boxes reached 96 percent”.

In the past time, despite being affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, Tan Tru District Public Administration Center still strives to fulfill its assigned tasks with the spirit of "for the people to serve". The staff, civil servants and public employees working here are always warm and dedicated when receiving and returning the results of administrative procedures dossiers to organizations and individuals.

One of the highlights of the Public Administration Center of Tan Tru District in recent years is to advise the District People's Committee to issue a plan to replicate the deployment and implementation of the "Campaign to guide and support people to use the online public service (OPS)” in the locality. Accordingly, the locality continues to deploy and implement the campaign to support people to use OPS for administrative procedures in the field of civil status in the district, phase 2 and support people to submit dossiers online by smartphone.

“In order to ensure measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic in the current period, the unit receive online dossiers for administrative procedures with level-3 or level-4 online public services; The remaining administrative procedures are still accepted by students who submit directly, but the results will be returned through the public postal service", said Director of the Public Administration Center of Tan Tru District - Vo Hong Trinh shared. 

Illustrative photo

Illustrative photo

The Department of Information and Communications is the leading unit in implementing level-3 and level-4 online public services. Currently, the Department deploys 6 level-4 online public services, including issuing licenses to print publications; news publishing license (domestic); license to publish non-commercial material; written confirmation of postal activity announcement, permission for press conference (domestic); register to use color copiers and printers with color photocopying function. Through this, it helps people and businesses register and solve administrative procedures online.

Building e-government

To promote IT application and modernize the State administration, the Provincial People's Committee approved the Long An e-Government Architecture version 1.0; completed the Provincial Information Services Portal, ensuring the reception and transfering administrative procedures, announcing the status of solving administrative procedures in the network environment, providing level-2 and level-3 online public services for people and businesses, etc.

According to Deputy Director of the Department of Information and Communications - Bui Nguyen Khoi, the province has completed the investment in upgrading the basic data center, which is responsible for implementing the tasks of building e-government, meeting standards of 4-layer information safety model for the Provincial Data Center under the guidance of the Ministry of Information and Communications. Specialized data transmission networks are synchronously connected to 100 percent of state agencies serving the deployment of shared IT applications in the province.

“Currently, the document management and administration software system is interested in upgrading and completing the functions of sending and receiving documents through the province's inter-connected axis, meeting the digital signature of electronic documents and response statuses. return documents according to regulations. Through this, the province step by step builds e-government, a friendly office of the people, by the people and for the people" - Vice Chairman of Tan Tru District People's Committee - Trinh Phuoc Trung informed.

It can be seen that it is very important to promote the IT application in solving administrative procedures that contributes to modernizing public administration, building and developing e-government and digital government. This is also one of the important solutions in administrative reform with the aim of improving people's satisfaction, improving the efficiency and transparency of government activities; ensuring fairness and standards in state management./.

By Phong Nha – Translated by Duc Tam