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10/02/2021 - 10:22

Joining hands to take care of Tet for accommodated workers

In order to ensure safety when the Covid-19 epidemic was complicated, many workers decided not to go hometown celebrate Tet (Lunar New Year). Sharing with their situation, all levels, sectors and landlords in Long Dinh commune, Can Duoc district, Long An province joined hands to take care of Tet for accommodated workers who do not come hometown to celebrate Tet.

New year gifts for accommodated workers

New year gifts for accommodated workers

When Tet comes, everyone wishes to return hometown to reunite with their families, but this year, due to the influence of Covid-19 epidemic, many families decided not to go hometown to celebrate Tet, including Mr. Danh Tien's family (coming from An Giang province, a worker in  Long Dinh commune, Can Duoc district). Mr. Tien expressed his opion: “This is the first year my family welcomes Tet away from hometown. It is known that when Tet is coming, our parents will remember us but due to the complicated Covid-19 epidemic, we need to join hands with the local authorities to prevent and fight against the epidemic with the motto "Stay where you are".

And Ms. Thi Le's family (coming from Kien Giang, a worker in Long Dinh commune) has not returned hometown for Tet for 3 years because she considers this place to be her family's second hometown. Ms. Le confided: “In the countryside, there is no relatives. Every year, on the occasion of the death anniversary of my grandparents and my parents, I return to my hometown. This New Year, I make pickles, Pickled Scallion head, cakes, jam, stew pork and pork stuffed bitter melon soup to worship my ancestors”.

In order to share and encourage the stay-in workers not to return to their hometown to welcome Tet, many landlords in Long Dinh commune in particular, Can Duoc district in general organize Tet to care the accommodated workers. Ms. Le added: “Every New Year, the landlords give my family gifts and organize a year-end party. In this year alone, due to Covid-19 epidemic, the landlords do not organize a year-end party, but they visited and encouraged our spirit and wished the family a happy New Year. What the landlords do make workers feel warmer in the far-away homeland”.

One of the landlords who is constantly interested in the life of the accommodated workers and employees is Ms. Luu Thi Xuan (landlord of Dien Phuong inn, hamlet 4, Long Dinh commune). Mrs. Xuan said: “I have 10 rooms for rent, of which 3 rooms they do not go home for Tet. I consider the homestay families as their relatives, bring delicious food, even they also reminer and encourage anyone who is not interested in doing their jobs. Tet comes, any family does not return to the hometown, I often confide, talk and celebrate New Year's Eve together. When I see them happy, considering my inn as the second hometown, I am also happy that I have "settled down" and "stabilized their life".

In addition to the initiative and sharing of the landlords, over the past time, Can Duoc district Youth Union also organized many activities to care for young workers in difficult circumstances such as giving gifts, cylindric glutinous rice cake, and organizing free fair, etc. Deputy Secretary of the District Youth Union of Can Duoc - Dang Vu Khanh informed: “Activities to care for the lives of young workers in extremely difficult circumstances have been carried out by the District Youth Union for many years. On the occasion of Lunar New Year of Bufffalo 2021, the district Youth Union wrapped more than 300 pieces of cylindric glutinous rice cake and gave more than 200 gifts to young workers in extremely difficult circumstances. Hopefully, the gifts contribute to sharing a difficult part for the young workers so that every family and everyone can have Tet"./.

By Kim Ngoc – Translated by Duc Tam