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11/03/2024 - 14:37

The honour of wearing FIFA referee uniform

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hang Nga (born 1988, Phuoc Lam commune, Can Giuoc district, Long An province) is currently a teacher and head of the PE team at Long Hau Secondary School (Can Giuoc district). Since she was a Physical student, majoring in Athletics, Ms. Nga has worked hard and strived to become an Elite-standard FIFA international soccer referee assistant.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hang Nga (right cover) is currently a FIFA international soccer referee assistant

Interviewing with us, Ms. Nga said her original plan was to become a teacher after graduating from university. However, fate came in her third year of university, when the school organized a referee course for soccer, and Ms. Nga decided to participate. After testing her professional knowledge and physical fitness, she passed with high scores. In 2010, she joined the Ho Chi Minh City Football Federation and began participating in local tournaments.

“Perhaps the moment I was invited by the Ho Chi Minh City Football Federation was a big turning point in my career. After graduating, I returned to my hometown to work, but I continued to pursue my passion of being a referee. When there are local tournaments, I participate in running them" - Ms. Nga shared. With her ability, expertise and skills, she was recommended to study. Having undergone strict tests on her physical fitness and professional knowledge, she qualified for national level refereeing in 2014.

After that, with her unremitting efforts, she continued to be introduced by the Vietnam Football Federation to participate in professional training courses abroad. Through the tests of the Federation International Football Association (FIFA), Ms. Nga has excellently met international referee standards; At the same time, she achieved the Elite title (the highest level of FIFA referee in a continent) in 2017.

Since becoming a FIFA referee, Ms. Nga has participated in managing many important international tournaments. Ms. Nga said: "The first international tournament I participated was the Southeast Asian Women's U16 Championship in 2017. The most recent were the 2023 Asian Women's U17 Championship in Thailand, the Asian women's U20 football qualifiers in Cambodia and the 2024 Summer Olympics women's football qualifying round in Lebanon. No matter how many tournaments I go through, my feelings are the same: emotion, pride, honor and respect when wearing the FIFA referee uniform."

It is known that to maintain the FIFA referee title, every year, Ms. Nga must undergo a test of professional knowledge and physical fitness organized by FIFA. To achieve good results, even when reaching 36 years old, she still spends time exercising every day to maintain her form, update her professional knowledge and practice her English.

Despite being busy, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hang Nga still completes her work at school

Each year, Ms. Nga participates in about 5-6 tournaments, both national and international, each lasting from 10 days to 1 month. Ms. Nga added: "The school always creates favorable conditions for me to participate in tournaments. My colleagues also enthusiastically supported me to both complete my duties at school and participate as a referee."

Although she is busy with many tasks, Ms. Nga is also in charge of fostering the school's sports clubs. She has trained many students to participate in competitions and win high prizes at the district and provincial level.

Principal of Long Hau Secondary School - Tran Van Doi said: "Ms. Nga is a teacher with a high sense of responsibility in her work. Even though she sometimes has to participate in national and international tournaments for many days, she still strive to successfully complete all assigned tasks"./.

By Khanh Duy - Translated by Q. Thien