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11/10/2020 - 04:26

Excited emulation spirit to celebrate the Party Congress

In order to welcome the Party congress at all levels towards the XIth Long An Provincial Party Congress and the XIIIth National Congress of the Party, localities, agencies and units in the province organize many exciting and widespread emulation activities.

Long An College promotes the emulation movement of Innovation in teaching and learning to celebrate the Party Congress. Photo: An Ky

All levels and branches emulate together

With the spirit of pioneering and enthusiasm, all levels of the Youth Union in the province have mobilized youth union members to carry out many meaningful works and tasks to welcome the Party Congress at all levels. In which, the model road was launched by the Standing Committee of the Provincial Youth Union to deploy in 15 districts, towns and cities with the participation of many youth union members.

At the beginning of October 2020, at the road passing hamlet 1-2, Huong Tho Phu commune, Tan An city, the youth union members and construction unit were installing lights. The Tan An Youth Union chose to implement this route as a model road to welcome the Party Congress at all levels. Therefore, the youth union members in the commune are very happy to contribute to the implementation.

Youth union members of Huong Tho Phu commune install lights at the model road

The cost of implementing works and activities to welcome the Party Congress at all levels of the Youth Union is the socialization budget and the contribution of youth union members in the province. These activities both unite youth union members and contribute to building and enhancing the quality of new rural and civilized city programs.

Since the beginning of the year, the Provincial Vietnam Women's Union has launched projects to welcome the Party Congress at all levels. Grassroots associations implement at least 1 project. In general, the associations at the grassroots and district levels have projects associated with the work of the Union and the women's movement.

Chairwoman of the Women's Union of My Thanh Tay commune of Duc Hue district - Tran Thi Ngan said that from the beginning of the year until now, despite the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Union has strived to well perform its assigned tasks, especially focusing on organizing activities to welcome the Party Congress at all levels. In which, the Women's Union has mobilized the Compassion houses for poor members; lauched to grow flowers, clean the road according to new rural criteria, etc.

The woman member of My Thanh Tay commune plant flowers, repair roads, and carry out a bright, green, clean and beautiful roads

These days, coming to Voi hamlet, My Thanh Tay commune, the rural roads are cleaner, flowers bloom brilliantly on both sides of the road. The people are excited to participate in the activities launched by the local authority. "Thanks to the propaganda, most members and women are aware of the important significance of the Party Congress at all levels and agree to participate in the congress welcome activities" - Ms. Tran Thi Ngan added.

Besides, Vietnam Farmers’ Union at all levels also carries out many works and tasks associated with local socio-economic development tasks. These works all attracted the participation of a large number of farmers' members, creating an atmosphere of excitement and strengthening people's confidence towards the Party Congress at all levels, especially the XIth Provincial Party Congress, term 2020-2025.

Chau Thanh District Farmers’ Union selected the model of Collecting, classifying and treating organic waste as fertilizer at households as a project to welcome the Party Congress at all levels for the term 2020-2025.When deployed in Thuan My and Thanh Phu Long communes, this model initially brings practical effects and enhances people's awareness in environmental protection, contributing to building new advanced rural communes.

Chairwoman of the Farmers’ Union of Thanh Phu Long commune - Le Thi Anh Thu expressed: "In the past, people did not know how to treat garbage effectively. Some households dispose of rubbish indiscriminately or not collect and treat at the right place. Thanks to the guidance of the District Farmers' Union, this model is easy to implement and the cost is not high. After treating the garbage, people also have organic fertilizers to use. In the near future, the Union will continue to campaign to replicate this model in the whole commune."

Strive to achieve the highest results

Implementing special emulation plans to celebrate the Party Congress at all levels, each agency and unit in Kien Tuong town has specific activities associated with their tasks. All of these activities are aimed at contributing to the excellent completion of the targets and tasks of the resolution in 2020, creating a foundation for successful implementation of the resolution of the town's Party Congress for the term of 2020-2025.

In addition to the works of paving the pavement and the construction of small parks on the 30-4 street, the town People's Committee also invested in some large-scale projects to celebrate the congress such as Ngo Quyen Primary School (Ward 2), Kindergarten Ward 3; Technical infrastructure of Airport Urban Area (phase 2), etc. The putting into use of the works has created an emphasis on architecture and urban landscape for the town, receiving the unanimous support of the local people.

Kien Tuong town inaugurates the project to welcome the Party Congress

In order to achieve the achievement of welcoming the Congress, the town's Party Committee has directed agencies, units and local authorities to strive to achieve the highest level of tasks in 2020 and the term 2015-2020. According to the Town People's Committee, in the first 9 months of 2020, although affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, all fields have developed and achieved positive results. Up to now, the town has completed the new rural construction program and is preparing to be recognized.

Not only at localities, agencies and units, the emulation atmosphere is also extremely exciting. The Vice Rector of Long An College - Le Minh Tam said that in order to welcome the Party Congress at all levels, the unit launched emulation movements and gathered all resources to complete the assigned political tasks. In the school year 2020-2021, the unit has recruited 2,625 pupils and students, reaching the target assigned by the Provincial People's Committee.

At the same time, the unit promoted the innovation emulation movement in teaching and learning. The graduation rate in the last school year was high; after graduation, 90 percent of students and pupils have jobs. Along with the professional duties, the unit is also interested in implementing social activities. Currently, the unit cooperates with GIZ organization to provide free vocational training for 75 unemployed people affected by the Covid-19 epidemic with the amount of 650 million VND.

At the Provincial Post Office, activities to welcome the congress have also carried out in association with the completion of the tasks of the sector. Up to now, many targets have exceeded the set plan. Notably, the Provincial Post Office continues to have effective solutions to increase the number of people participating in voluntary social insurance. According to the plan of 2020, the unit must have an additional 3,700 people participating in voluntary social insurance, but now it has nearly doubled the target.

From the above activities, it can be seen that each project and task in response to the emulation movement launched by agencies, units and localities has made an important contribution to promoting propaganda and raising awareness of cadres, party members and people towards the Party Congress at all levels./.

By An Ky - Translated by Pham Ngan