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21/10/2021 - 02:45

Long An: By 2025, each commune, ward and townlet has at least one public electronic bulletin board

In order to modernize facilities for grassroots information activities, meet the requirements of providing source information, disseminate to the people and improve operational efficiency, it well serves the direction and administration of the government grassroots and tasks of information and propaganda in the locality.

LED display propagandizes the local political tasks

LED display propagandizes the local political tasks

The Provincial People's Committee has just issued a plan to establish a system of public electronic bulletin board (PEBB) in the province for the period 2021 - 2025 in order to fully, effectively and efficiently implement the tasks assigned in the Decision. No. 135/QD-TTg dated January 20, 2020 of the PM and Decision No. 1381/QD-BTTTT dated September 7, 2021 of the Minister of Information and Communications on promulgating the strategy for developing information at grassroots for the period 2021 - 2025.

The whole province currently has 57 communes, wards and townlets that have invested in installing 128 electronic bulletin boards to serve the propaganda and provide information on the State's policies and laws, national and international events directly related to the people. The system of PEBB serves well the information and propaganda work, contributing to changing the appearance of the locality towards modernity and civilization, and shortening the gap in terms of development level and conditions for people to access information in the province.

The plan clearly states that the goal by 2025: Each commune, ward and townlet in the province has at least 1 PEBB with a minimum size of 6 square meters; each district, town and city in the province has at least 1 PEBB (LED screen, LCD screen) with a minimum size of 20 square meters.

All PEBBs must meet functional requirements and technical features to connect to the source information system according to the guidance of the Ministry of Information and Communications.

The units and positions for installing up PEBBs are the People's Committees of communes and districts, and state agencies, armed forces units, schools and hospitals that are encouraged to invest in building electronic bulletin boards in front of the headquarters, in the campus of office and units

Construction and installation of PEBBs must be placed in the position with high traffic, such as parks, squares, commercial centers, markets, urban areas, residential areas, border gates, border areas, etc. so that people can easily see and learn essential information in words or pictures.

In addition, the investment in constructing and installing PEBBs must be consistent with the planning of political promotion and outdoor advertising in the province and the local plans. The design, size and technical standards of the PEBBs such as resolution, viewing angle, light intensity, dust-proof index, water-proof index, energy-saving index, so on must be suitable for campus location to construct and install; ensure that everyone can easily see and read the information.

The PEBBs only display digital content in the form of words and images, not using sound to transmit information; ensure the technical conditions to be able to connect to the source information system and collect, synthesize, analyze and manage data to evaluate the effectiveness of basic information operations to get display content through internet or telecommunications network.

For electronic bulletin boards that carry out political propaganda in combination with commercial advertising, they must fully satisfy the conditions and standards in accordance with the law on advertising./.

By Hung Cuong – Translated by Duc Tam