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16/11/2021 - 19:11

Resolution 2021 sped up to complete

Along with implementing safe, flexible adaptation measures and effective control of the Covid-19 epidemic, Long An province are fiercely focusing on and striving to implement the annual resolutions targets 2021 reached the highest level.

The management of planning and urban embellishment has been strengthened by Tan An City

The management of planning and urban embellishment has been strengthened by Tan An City

Efforts to overcome the shortcomings and limitation

2021 is a year with many difficulties and challenges when the Covid-19 epidemic broke out in the province, affecting all aspects of social life. However, with the joint effort and consensus of the entire Party Committee, government and all people, in the first nine months of 2021, Tan An City has 11 out of 19 targets that are met and exceeded compared to the resolutions 2021. The epidemic in the city is basically under control, gradually returning to the "new normal" state.

During the year, the city directed to accelerate the implementation of groundbreaking programs. The management of urban planning and design has been strengthened. Investment in capital construction was implemented at the beginning of the year and capital sources were disbursed as planned. In the field of agriculture, the city continues to implement the Project of Agricultural Development in the suburbs of Tan An City until 2020, a vision to 2030. New-style rural construction program is also interested in improving quality.

Tan An City continues to give people Covid-19 vaccines

Tan An City continues to give people Covid-19 vaccines

Despite some positive results, due to the impact of the epidemic, the city's economy developed slowly compared to the same period last year, especially in the third quarter of 2021. Budget revenue did not meet the schedule (as of September 30, only reached 56.3 percent of the provincial estimate), the balance collection was low. Site clearance still faces many difficulties, especially the Ring Road of Tan An City and the bridge over the Vam Co Tay River. The crime infringing on social order has decreased, but drug-related crimes tend to increase, etc.

According to the Secretary of the City Party Committee, Chairman of the People's Council of Tan An - Le Cong Dinh, the coordination in performing tasks between all levels, branches, agencies, units and localities present was not close, lack of consistency in the first months of the year. The work of grasping the situation and location of the Party committees and heads in some places is not good. Then, it affects forecasting and taking measures to deal with when situations arise, especially in the Covid-19 prevention and control.

The Tan An City Party Committee Frankly pointed out the causes of the shortcomings and limitations, especially the subjective ones, it determined the spirit of determination and seriously learned from experience to successfully deploy and implement the proposed political tasks. In particular, the city immediately started to implement solutions to safely adapt, flexibly and effectively control the Covid-19 epidemic, absolutely not being subjective, neglecting, taking communes and wards as "fortresses" and people are "soldiers" in epidemic prevention and control.

Mr. Le Cong Dinh informed that the city has deployed and implemented the plan for socio-economic recovery and development, especially the restoration of production and trade, creating favorable conditions for businesses to operate. Strengthening and closely directing the state budget revenue and expenditure, striving to achieve the target of the year. Continuing to review and support people facing difficulties due to the epidemic. Concretizing the Resolution of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee on the construction and development of the city in the period 2021 - 2030, etc.

The sense of responsibility are promoted maximum

During the 4th Covid-19 epidemic, Can Giuoc was the first locality in the province to have community infections and also the district with the highest number of infections in the early stages. Thanks to the application of correct and timely measures, the district has gradually overcome difficulties, transformed from a "very high-risk" area to a "new normal" area, effectively implementing the "dual goals" of both epidemic prevention and control, while developing the economy - society, stabilizing people's lives.

In the first 9 months of 2021, the industry, commerce and services in Can Giuoc district have grown quite well

In the first 9 months of 2021, the industry, commerce and services in Can Giuoc district have grown quite well

According to the Can Giuoc District Party Committee's assessment, in the first nine months of 2021, the economic structure of the district has shifted in the right direction. Industry, trade and services continued to grow quite well. State budget revenue is nearly 424 billion VND, reaching 62 percent of the provincial estimate. The implementation of hi-tech agricultural production has brought many positive results (hi-tech vegetables on 1,036 hectares). The district has two more communes meeting new-style rural standards, namely Phuoc Lai and Dong Thanh.

In addition, many basic construction projects have been constructed, tested and put into use. The support for self-employed workers according to Decree No. 68/NQ-CP is concerned and directed. The policy families and people facing difficulties due to the epidemic are taken care of and helped in a timely manner. The mass mobilization system, the Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations promote their roles in propagandizing and mobilizing union members, members and people to join hands in epidemic prevention and control.

From now until the end of the year, there is only more than 1 month, while the Covid-19 epidemic still has the potential for an outbreak. According to Secretary of the Can Giuoc District Party Committee - Pham Van Bon, the district determined that it must continue to strictly follow the instructions on epidemic prevention and control in order to achieve the highest results of the targets set out by the National Assembly; At the same time, the district should master the political system from the district to the grassroots, it must consider this as a top task with the view that "Good epidemic control does not prevent the epidemic".

Mr. Pham Van Bon said that the district is currently trying to restore production and trade, and promote investment in improving the quality of new-style rural areas. Strictly manage budget revenue and expenditure, strive to exceed targets in all fields. On the other hand, the district focused on completing documents and procedures to soon start key projects of the district Party Congress for the term 2020-2025. Strengthening leadership and state management in the field of land and construction and urban order, resolutely handle violations.

Directing drastically, implementing actively 

Although affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, with the solidarity and efforts of the whole political system, businesses and people, Kien Tuong town implemented the resolutions 2021 with quite comprehensive results in the first months of the year. The town's economy remained stable. Agricultural production was successful. The average rice yield of the winter-spring crop 2020-2021 reached 106.6 percent of the plan (up 4.6 percent over the same period); Summer-autumn crop yield is over 56 quintals per hectare, output is over 81,000 tons.

One of the key tasks of Kien Tuong town is to fulfill the criteria of a grade III urban area (Photo: Airport urban area)

One of the key tasks of Kien Tuong town is to fulfill the criteria of a grade III urban area (Photo: Airport urban area)

Secretary of the Party Committee of Kien Tuong - Pham Xuan Bach informed that from the beginning of the year until now, the work of urban decoration and development has continued to be paid attention to according to the roadmap, especially the implementation of the project proposed for recognition. Kien Tuong town is grade III urban area. The town's political system continues to be consolidated, operating more and more stably and effectively. Along with the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic, social security and social welfare policies are guaranteed.

However, according to Mr. Pham Xuan Bach, over the past time, the observance of epidemic prevention and control measures has not been taken seriously, leading to the number of Covid-19 cases still occurring in the community. To overcome the above situation, adapt safely, flexibly and effectively to control the Covid-19 epidemic, the town has directed to step up propaganda and dissemination in the political system and the people about the contents of official directing documents of superiors on epidemic prevention and control.

At the same time, the town directed the implementation of education and training solutions associated with the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic at all educational levels. Regularly check production and business recovery activities for companies in the area. Organizing the implementation of mobile medical stations, ensuring human resources to serve when required. Continuing to effectively deploy the vaccination against Covid-19, gradually bringing people to adapt to the epidemic back to a "new normal" life.

For the low target such as total state budget revenue, the town has directed to strengthen the management, created sources and effectively exploited revenue sources, continued to collect outstanding budget debts, The revenue has the address, the balance collection strives to reach the highest possible. Currently, the town focuses on the construction of capital construction works that have been allocated funds; continue to perfect the criteria so that Kien Tuong town will reach grade III urban by the end of the term.

From now to the end of the year, it is forecasted that there will be many difficulties, but with determination and specific solutions, we believe that localities will successfully implement the set targets, goals and tasks./.

By Ky Nam – Translated by Duc Tam