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05/04/2020 - 07:53

Social isolation - It is not necessary to stockpile food and essential goods

The Prime Minister issued Directive No.16/CT-TTg on the implementation of urgent measures to prevent and control Covid-19 nationwide. Accordingly, within 15 days from 0:00 on April 01, all people have to stay at home, except for buying food, medicine; emergency; working at factories, production and service establishments. So, the essential stores are not closed. However, many people have stockpiled food and essential goods.

The enterprise has stockpiled a large amount of food so people do not worry about shortages

According to the Director of the Department of Industry and Trade of Long An - Le Minh Duc, under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Provincial People's Committee, the Department asked the enterprises trading and distributing goods in the province to develop a plan to stabilize the market of essential goods to cope with the Covid-19 epidemic in 5 levels. The enterprises are required and prepared for 13 essential items including rice, cooking oil, instant noodles, spices, sauces, eggs, seafood, vegetables, etc.

Besides the enterprises of goods trading and distribution, Long An has many advantages because there are many convenience stores such as Bach Hoa Xanh, Vinmart +, San Ha Foodstore, general department store, etc. in most localities in the province, including remote areas, border area.

Currently, the source of essential goods is 750 billion VND. This reserve is more than the peak months of the Lunar New Year in 2020; even, when the demand of the people is higher, the supply is still available.

Bach Hoa Xanh has over 50 chain stores in the province. The chain manager said the system has stockpiled 55 tons of rice, 75,000 packages of instant noodles, 33,000 liters of cooking oil, 77,000 liters of drinking water, eggs, chicken, pork, etc.

Long An Trading and Import-Export Joint Stock Company has reserved nearly 15 billion VND for essential goods, including 2 million packs of noodles, 60,000 liters of cooking oil, 50,000 liters of drinking water, etc. In addition, Moc Hoa Trading Joint Stock Company, Saigon Co.op system, etc. have also stockpiled a lot of goods, including rice, spices, sauces and other goods.

Many goods are stockpiled to serve consumers when the epidemic occurs

In addition to food and essential goods, the Department of Industry and Trade also suggested that masking enterprises would prepare sources of antibacterial masks to meet consumer needs. Currently, the production capacity of antibacterial cloth masks of the enterprises in the province is very large, including Trung Quy Textile and Garment Co., Ltd in Hai Son Industrial Zone, Duc Hoa (200,000 masks per day), JSC Kowil Vietnam fashion (10,000 masks per day), etc. These enterprises have pledged to quickly supply and deliver antibacterial masks.

General Director of Trung Quy Textile and Garment Co., Ltd - Tran Van Quy said their masks are now widely sold at Pharmacity drug stores nationwide, including Long An.

According to Mr. Le Minh Duc, according to the Directive 16/CT-TTg on social isolation for 15 days, the people are still able to buy essential goods to meet their daily needs. Therefore, people should not reserve food and goods when the epidemic occurs.

In case the epidemic situation is more complicated in Long An province, the Department of Industry and Trade also has a plan to transport goods to the people. Typically, Moc Hoa Trading Joint Stock Company, Long An Trading and Import-Export Joint Stock Company, Saigon Co.op, San Ha Foodstore, etc. with over 250 specialized food trucks is ready to accompany the province in the distribution of goods.

In the face of the complicated situation of the epidemic, The Department of Industry and Trade suggested that the leaders of localities, the Economic Division, the Economic and Infrastructure Division should closely monitor market developments; when there is any shortage of supply, it is necessary to report soon to the Department to coordinate with the enterprises to promptly deliver goods to that locality.

At the same time, the Department of Industry and Trade also had a plan to coordinate with the enterprises to organize the field sales of food, essential goods, vegetables, etc. All goods are guaranteed for quality and origin, so consumers are assured and do not need to store them./.

By Mai Huong - Translated by Pham Ngan