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04/02/2022 - 13:01

Tan Lap floating village – attractive destination in Long An

Like an oasis surrounded by a submerged Melaleuca forest and a maze of narrow canals, Tan Lap floating village, located in Long An province, is a perfect eco-tourism site for visitors to experience Mekong Delta life and nature.

A corner of Tan Lap floating village seen from above (Photo: VNA)

A corner of Tan Lap floating village seen from above (Photo: VNA)

Lying along National Highway 62 in Tan Lap commune of Moc Hoa district, Tan Lap floating village covers an area of 135ha and has a buffer zone of 500ha planned for ecotourism in Long An and the wetlands of Dong Thap Muoi. It’s about 15km south of the Cambodian border and about 110km from Ho Chi Minh City.

The village was formerly a land flooded all year round. People built houses on high mounds to cope with the flooding. Every time when the water rose, the floor was also raised in accordance with the water level. Time passed, people used to call it a “floating village”.

Today, this place is no longer inhabited since the government has a project to develop it into an eco-tourism site.

The best way to explore the floating village and melaleuca forest is on a rowing boat, the ferryman will always be a guide, helping visitors discover and learn about the giant swamp, green vegetation or watch the blooming lotus pond. The boat ride through the Melaleuca Forest takes about 30 minutes.

The highlight of the Melaleuca forest is the 38-metre-tall watchtower, where tourists can admire the grandeur and vastness of the forest. There is a 5km long walking road through the Melaleuca forest, which is Vietnam’s longest. Aside from this 38-metre-tall watchtower, there is also an 18-metre-tall one. Visitors can travel to Tan Lap floating village in September, October and November when the water level is high to admire the lotus blooming.

Every afternoon, visitors can see hundreds of white storks and black Little Cormorants flying back after a day of seeking feed.
 Tourists visit the flooded Melaleuca forest at Tan Lap floating village tourist site. (Photo: VNA)
Tourists visit the flooded Melaleuca forest at Tan Lap floating village tourist site. (Photo: VNA)

Tan Lap's bird taming island is located deep inside the centre of the Melaleuca forest. Experienced bird tamers have helped create an aquatic habitat rich in fish and trees to attract many kinds of birds to gather here to multiply and form large flocks.

Staff will take visitors in by motorboat or rowboat, weaving through a small canal to the Melaleuca forest. From there, visitors can walk across the 100-metre-long Melaleuca bridge.

One of the most beautiful landscapes of Tan Lap floating village is the X-shaped bridge and the Y-shaped one, which cross a vast field of water lilies.

From 7 am to 9 am, the bulbs are in full bloom, and birds are flying and chirping, creating a wonderful scene in this flooded ecological area. This is also the reason why many couples choose this place as the backdrop for beautiful wedding photos.

In good physical health, visitors can continue the journey by going deep into the forest to the Crescent Lake filled with lotus and water lilies.

The lake covers about 22,000sq.m, winding in a very impressive semicircle with calm clear water.

In Tan Lap floating village, there is also a folk game area likened to a small oasis, surrounded by a lotus and water lily pond with many types of fish.

This is not only a place to experience folk games, such as seesaws and crossing monkey bridges, but also an ideal place for sightseeing and fishing.

Coming to Tan Lap floating village, visitors should not neglect the beekeeping area where they are introduced to the process of apiculture, taught how to harvest honey, and can try a beverage made from honey.

Tan Lap floating village can be described as an ideal destination for those who love photography and want to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere./.

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