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11/07/2021 - 06:21

Vietnam’s horror film wins three awards at Asian film art festival

A Vietnamese thriller named "Nguoi lang nghe: Loi thi tham " (Listeners-The Whispering) has won three awards during the course of the Asia Film Art International Film Festival (AFAIFF) 2021, the Voice of Vietnam (VOV) reported.

Poster of the film

Poster of the film

The movie tells the story of a psychologist, Tuong Minh who provides psychotherapy to An Nhien, a young female writer who suffers from anxiety disorder.

Furthermore, the title of Best Actress was given to Oanh Kieu who plays the role of writer An Nhien.

Elsewhere, Quang Su, who takes on the role of psychologist Tuong Minh, was awarded the Special Mention Actor award.

Moreover, “Listeners-The Whispering” was also given the Special Mention Feature Film award.

The Vietnamese film was directed by Khoa Nguyen and filming had initially started back in July, 2020. It was originally planned to debut in March of this year, although it was postponed due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and has so far not been screened in any Vietnamese cinemas.

The third version of the Asia Film Art International Film Festival (AFAIFF) was jointly organised by the Hong Kong Film Arts Association (HKFAA) and the Macau Film Arts Association (MFAA) with the aim of honouring new talents in the film industry.

This year’s awards ceremony has been divided into two categories, including short films and feature films, with the prizes going to “Trust Frank” of Australia and “For Hope’s Flickering Star” of China, respectively./.