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16/09/2023 - 17:12

Workers are concerned about policies on employment

On September 15, Long An Provincial People's Committee organized a dialogue conference between leaders of Provincial People's Committee and 300 workers, employees, employers and Trade Union officials. Vice Chairman Provincial People's Committee - Huynh Van Son and Chairman of the Provincial Labor Confederation - Nguyen Van Qui co-chaired the conference.

Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Committee - Huynh Van Son and Chairman of Provincial Labor Confederation - Nguyen Van Qui co-chair the conference

At the dialogue, workers expressed concern about the risk of losing their jobs in the current period, and hoped that the provincial leaders would have solutions to support businesses in overcoming difficulties, helping workers keep their jobs and stable income; markets in industrial zones and clusters selling poor quality food, suggesting that the Provincial People's Committee have solutions to well manage spontaneous markets, helping to ensure food safety for workers in particular and people in general; quality inspection of shift meals at businesses and hope that relevant sectors will strictly carry out the inspection work, helping to improve the quality of shift meals for workers, etc.

Workers and laborers participating in the conference

In addition, workers commented that the construction of social housing for workers is still slow, suggesting that the provincial leaders have solutions to speed up progress to meet the urgent needs of workers. They would like to know more about social housing policies. Workers proposed that the Provincial People's Committee have a solution to build many kindergartens, especially in areas with industrial zones and clusters for workers to send their children to and work with peace of mind; have many solutions to support workers with preferential loans for consumption, construction, house repair, buying houses in installments, etc.

Union officials expressed frustration about the situation of "black credit" and debt collection that affected many unrelated people in the same company. Therefore, they hope that the Provincial People's Committee will have a solution to find out the identity of the anonymous phone numbers to handle violations of the law, protect people in general and businesses in particular. They also wanted to know about how long until people will use only citizen identification cards to handle administrative procedures and provide online public services as well as how to ensure personal confidentiality on citizen identification cards, etc.

Trade Union officials are concerned about the "black credit"

Union officials also proposed that the Provincial People's Committee and functional agencies have solutions to handle benefits for workers when business owners flee. I

In addition, employers expressed difficulties with the current labor recruitment situation and asked the provincial leaders to have solutions to support businesses with labor recruitment channels, including exploiting labor resources in remote areas of the province, etc.

Representative of Provincial Police answers questions from workers and laborers

Leaders of the Provincial People's Committee, relevant departments and branches answered questions and recommendations of workers, union officials, and employers. At the same time, to meet the legitimate demands and aspirations of workers, employers and union officials, and promptly resolve pressing and urgent issues, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Huynh Van Son requested that leaders of provincial departments, branches, and district People's Committees, depending on their functions and tasks, seriously implement the issues in the dialogue to resolve difficulties and problems of workers, employers and union officials; share the difficulties and challenges of businesses and employers to accompany and create the most favorable business investment environment; promptly propose regimes and policies to support workers and employers.

Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Committee - Huynh Van Son concludes the conference

He proposed that the Provincial Labor Confederation continue to develop union network to serve workers; Businesses proactively implement salary policies for employees to be equal to or higher than the level prescribed by the 2019 Labor Code; Employees strictly comply with the provisions of law, labor discipline and regulations of the businesses, meet the requirements that have been signed or agreed upon, and perform their duties well to have better source of income for themselves and family; etc./.

By Staffs - Translated by Q. Thien