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18/11/2021 - 17:29

Basic construction investment strengthened to manage

The basic construction investment (BCI) is an important field, playing an important role in building material and technical foundations, industrialization and modernization of the country. Every year, the state budget spends a large part on the BCI.

Basic construction investment is allocated with budget capital, accounting for a fairly large percentage every year (Illustrative photo)

Basic construction investment is allocated with budget capital, accounting for a fairly large percentage every year (Illustrative photo)

From a locality with weak technical infrastructure, but thanks to the focus on the BCI, the infrastructure has changed a lot, becoming more and more synchronous, meeting the requirements of socio-economic development, attracting investment, especially foreign investment.

Over the past time, the BCI in Long An province has had many positive changes. Investment capital is mobilized from all economic sectors from investors, socialization, central capital and local budget capital. Construction planning has been actively implemented by all levels and sectors. Up to now, many important projects have been completed, put into operation and used, bringing high efficiency; at the same time, the province also plans to continue implementing many large-scale projects.

In the BCI, investment preparation, project appraisal, design appraisal and contractor selection plan appraisal are appraised by specialized agencies and reported to the Provincial People's Committee for decision. The allocation of capital construction investment capital has taken a new step, in the direction of focusing on compensation and site clearance, focusing on key projects, prioritizing payment for works that have approved the final settlement and payment. Calculation of the completed volume has been checked and accepted, limited to the minimum of new construction, spread investment leads to outstanding debt in construction.

In addition to the achieved results, the construction investment work in the past time still has limitations and violations discovered through inspection and audit. In 2018, the province inspected 29 construction investment implementations, and 24 violations were discovered with a total amount of more than 5.6 billion VND. In 2019, the province inspected 21 units in the field of management and implementation of construction investment projects, detecting 20 units with violations with an asset value of 1.7 billion VND. In 2020, the province carried out 12 inspections in the field of management and implementation of construction investment projects, and found 10 units with violations with a wrong property value of more than 1.2 billion VND. After the inspection, the province recovered most of the overpaid amount of money.

The main violations discovered through inspection in the field of management and implementation of construction investment projects are mainly as-built documents that are not close enough, so that errors in the volume of test and acceptance lead to an excess finalization of the volume for the construction contractor, the time limit for making the final settlement report exceeds the regulations.

In addition, in the management and investment of capital construction, there are still limitations in planning that have not met the requirements and have not been synchronized. Construction consulting also has limitations; The professional capacity of some consulting units is not guaranteed, which affects the design and cost estimate of the project.

The calculation and forecasting consultant is not complete and accurate, leading to many projects having to be adjusted and supplemented, causing difficulties in the project implementation process and slowing down the progress. The work of compensation for site clearance still faces many difficulties. In addition, some investors and project management boards, with a small number of professional staff, made mistakes in the acceptance of the completed construction volume.

Every year, the province regularly pays attention to rectify the shortcomings and limitations in the BCI. The Provincial Standing Committee issued a Directive on strengthening the leadership of the Party in managing public investment in the province. Accordingly, the subjects participating in the BCI activities must carefully study and seriously implement the system of laws and legal documents related to construction investment. Focus on analyzing the correctness of investment policies, the need for investment surveys, investigations and surveys for each type of project in accordance with the central and local development planning and strategies. The province also requires more attention to publicity and transparency in bidding, selection of capable contractors, full compliance with current regulations and construction order during the entire project implementation process.

In addition, the province paid attention to capacity building, developed a team of project managers with pure professional ethics, knowledge and skills commensurate with job requirements. It raised awareness and responsibility of staff in the field of anti-corruption.

Along with the above solutions, the province strengthens inspection, inspection, audit and supervision right in each stage and stage of the project to promptly detect, adjust and handle shortcomings and limitations in the implementation process; at the same time, it strengthens supervision of the community. It publicizes inspection and audit results to help units be more aware and interested in controlling, preventing and limiting damage caused by wasted resources.

Accompanying that is to strengthen the inspection of the implementation and remedy according to the inspection conclusions and recommendations of the inspection and audit agencies. Thereby, promulgating documents specifying the responsibilities of units, organizations and individuals for failing to implement conclusions and recommendations of inspection and audit agencies.

At the same time, the province implements solutions and measures to specify responsibilities, properly and promptly handle violations when detecting violations. At the same time, summarize practices, draw experiences in capital construction activities and research and propose to adjust mechanisms and policies in time to suit reality./.

By Le Duc – Translated by Duc Tam