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11/11/2019 - 17:24

Long An Department of Industry and Trade works with businesses on connecting to consume dragon fruits

Director of Department of Industry and Trade - Le Minh Duc, representatives of Long An Electricity Company, Duc Hoa Electricity, Long An Dragon Fruit Association had a meeting with Southern Nafoods Joint Stock Company (Nafoods Company, in Hoa Khanh Tay commune) on connecting to consume dragon fruit; removing difficulties in the supply of electricity for production in this enterprise.

According to the Chairman of the Long An Dragon Fruit Association - Nguyen Quoc Trinh, the Association is connecting many members to support each other in economics and technology in planting, trading and processing dragon fruits. Its current target is to guide farmers to produce in the direction of food safety, to link sustainable consumption, and to do business effectively. The total number of warehouses of the members is 110. These warehouses are capable of supplying to enterprises under contracts.

However, in recent years, the consumption of dragon fruit of farmers and cooperatives in Chau Thanh district has faced many difficulties. Through this meeting, the Association hoped to discuss with enterprises about ways to connect the sustainable production and consumption of dragon fruits.

Representative of the Long An Electricity Company said that due to many reasons, the electricity supply for Duc Hoa district has been interrupted for a short time. To overcome this problem, Long An Electricity Company and Duc Hoa Electric city have plans to invest in renovating the electricity grid in some areas in the district, including Hoa Khanh Tay commune - where the enterprise locates its factory. If the project is put into operation, it will shorten the electricity supply radius.

According to the Director of the Department of Industry and Trade - Le Minh Duc, the province has successfully implemented the project of building a 2,000-hectare high-tech dragon fruit production area. The province hopes that businesses, including Nafoods Company, will cooperate with farmers in product consumption in a sustainable and mutually beneficial way.

Besides, the province always accompanies and removes difficulties for businesses in the process of investment, production and business. In particular, the provincial leader focuses on directing the electricity sector to invest in infrastructure to provide stable electricity and meet the needs of businesses.

Nafoods Company processes fruits (including dragon fruits) into juice for export. The representative of the company said that the linking of production and consumption of dragon fruits by the Department of Industry and Trade of Long An province would help the business have a good supply of goods for production.

At present, the company is cooperating with some cooperatives in Chau Thanh district. After this meeting, the company will continue to establish production and consumption links through the Long An Dragon Fruit Association./.

By Mai Huong - Translated by Pham Ngan