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26/04/2020 - 11:15

Long An focuses on controlling environmental pollution

State management agencies, especially the Natural Resources and Environment sector regularly inspect, monitor and manage waste discharge activities, etc. to control environmental pollution in enterprises, industrial zones and clusters.

Raising awareness

Environmental protection is always the top requirement in the current period, especially in the enterprises, industrial zones and clusters in the province. The province has greatly enhanced its solutions; directed all relevant departments, agencies and localities to focus drastically on this issue; controlled the situation to avoid causing environmental pollution.

Functional departments strictly inspect and manage environmental protection in industrial parks and clusters

Functional departments regularly monitor, inspect and propagate the law on environmental protection to operating businesses to gradually raise their awareness. According to Assistant Director of ASG Global Co., Ltd - Cao Thi To Uyen, the company has 100% foreign invested capital, operated in Hoa Binh Industrial Park, Thu Thua district since 2014. It always strictly observes the regulations on environmental protection. Besides, it also regularly propagates for its workers to raise their awareness to join hands with the community in environmental protection activities.

According to the representative of Simone Vietnam Bag Company Limited (this company has 100% foreign-owned, operated in Long Hau Industrial Park, Can Giuoc district), thanks to the propaganda of the functional departments and industrial park management, the company's awareness of environmental protection has been raised. In addition, when investing in the area, the company also carefully studied and strictly followed the regulations on environmental protection. Its goal is not only to develop production but also to ensure environmental safety. Therefore, it has actively replaced many machines and equipment; applied advanced processes in production; did not use outdated machines and technology. It has also organized training on waste separation at source; built its own wastewater treatment system with a design capacity of 550 cubic meters per day and night (from 400-450 cubic meters per day and night in fact). Its campus has enough trees as prescribed. The company has hired a unit to manage and take care of trees on the campus to improve the landscape and contribute to environmental protection. The employees have been fully trained to understand the provisions of the law on environmental protection.

Strengthening inspection

Business Marketing Director of Long Hau Joint Stock Company (the investor of the infrastructure of Long Hau Industrial Park, Can Giuoc district) - Bui Le Thanh Hieu said: The company has actively coordinated with the functional sector in environmental protection. The company's development perspective is not only to develop production but also to protect the environment. The industrial park always focuses on the green and clean industry; it only attracts and receives investors who have appropriate fields as well as uses modern technologies and processes to minimize impacts on the environment.

Checking the environmental protection in the businesses

The zone has completed a standardized wastewater treatment system before receiving investment to ensure the wastewater treatment of secondary businesses. Currently, the wastewater treatment system actually operates from 3,000 - 4,000 cubic meters per day and night. The company has installed a monitoring station to transmit data 24 hours per day to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to monitor and manage. Besides, the Company periodically reports on environmental treatment; all wastes are collected, transported and processed according to regulations. The secondary enterprises in the industrial park always focus on protecting the environment and actively build a preliminary wastewater treatment system (for some units) before transferring it to the common treatment system of the park. At present, the park is carrying out procedures to prepare for scaling up the project. Long Hau has always adhered to the goal of attracting clean, environmentally friendly fields to create harmony between production development and environmental protection.

According to Deputy Director of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment - Nguyen Tan Thuan, provincial leaders always focus on environmental protection. The sector strengthens the inspection and monitoring of environmental activities in the enterprises operating in the area, especially in industrial parks and clusters. In recent years, the environment in these places has been basically orderly; the businesses are increasingly raising awareness and actively coordinating in environmental protection.

However, pollution still occurs in some units. The sector will strengthen its management; regularly monitor, inspect and strictly handle environmental pollution. The sector will definitely solve the environmental pollution that has lasted for many years. Every year, the Ministry and the Department of Natural Resources and Environment have regular and irregular inspection plans on environmental protection at the units. At the same time, the Department regularly cooperates with local authorities, investors of industrial parks and clusters to propagate new regulations of environmental protection. In the coming time, the Department will focus on checking; coordinate units to promptly grasp information and strictly handle violations (if any) so that environmental protection will become more and more orderly./.

By Chau Son - Translated by Pham Ngan